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Human-Computer Interaction

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  1. Andrew Fox Interactive
    Design, usability and consultancy. Located in the United Kingdom.

  2. Instrata
    Offers services to study user behaviour and apply results to create functional and usable user interfaces. Located in the UK.

  3. Foolproof Business Services
    Examining the online sales process from the customer's point of view. Located in England.

  4. Pure Usability Ltd
    Web usability and accessibility consultancy. Based in the UK.

  5. Userite
    Offers web usability auditing of your web site. Located in London, United Kingdom.

  6. Userface Ltd
    User interface design and usability evaluation consultancy. Located in London, United Kingdom.

  7. amberlight Partners Ltd.
    Helps corporations achieve specific business results by providing research, and a user-centred approach to the design and use of digital technologies. Located in the UK.

    User-centered design and development services, including object-oriented design and UML, usability evaluation and training. Located in Oxford, UK.

  9. Tmtm
    Offers services to create meaningful digital product development and user experience. Located in London, UK.

  10. Meleniak
    Offering usability evaluation, accessibility advice, and web design. Located in the United Kingdom.

  11. GUI Designers
    Usability Consultancy committed to designing and evaluating successful and effective Windows Applications and Web Sites. Offering the full range of Usability Services. Located in the United Kingdom.

  12. Hawdale Associates Limited
    Consulting firm focused on helping clients understand how customers think and buy online and how to design online experiences that work, based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

  13. Mobile HCI 04
    6th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services. 13-16 Sep 2004. Glasgow, Scotland.

  14. UM'05
    10th International Conference on User Modeling. 24-30 Jul 2005. Edinburgh, UK.

  15. e-Office Safety
    Ergonomic training and risk assessment for computer workstation users. Support for Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 and SCORM compliant. Includes a demo and company information.

  16. UM'05 - 10th International Conference on User Modeling
    10th International Conference on User Modeling. 24 - 30 July 2005. Edinburgh, UK.

  17. HCI 2006
    Engage - The 20th BCS HCI Group conference in co-operation with ACM. London, UK. 11-15 September 2006.

  18. Human Computer Interaction Jobs, vacancies
    203 Human Computer Interaction Job vacancies available on one search. all jobs.

  19. - User Experience Design
    In the United Kingdom, is ranked 812,298, with an estimated 5,318 monthly visitors a month. Click to view other data about this site.

  20. Computers in the Human Interaction Loop Human-Computer In...
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  21. BBC NEWS Technology Computers to merge with humans
    People will become ever more reliant on machines says a report on the future of human-computer interaction.

  22. - Gruden Intelligent
    In the United Kingdom, is ranked 2,936,081, with an estimated 4,536 monthly visitors a month. Click to view other data about this site.

  23. The FastTrack to Human-Computer Interaction ...
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  24. Human Computer Interaction Alan Dix, Janet F...
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  25. Context and Consciousness Activity Theory and Human-compu...
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  26. Human Computer Interaction Prof Alan Dix, Ja...
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