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  1. Write letters online
    Write letters online whether you need a cover letter, business letter, thank-you letter or resignation letter. Use our free sample letters and letter templates to create your letter in PDF, RTF , Word, Open office file formats on the fly.

  2. Mark Fisher writer, critic, editor
    Articles and reviews by Mark Fisher, leading arts commentator, theatre critic, celebrity feature writer and editor based in Edinburgh, Scotland

    Short stories, novel extracts, reviews, and features, with new material added weekly.

    Sci-fi novel by Coz Johnson free to download. An ex-marine and a trader accidentally discover the secret of Kiiron, a cloud covered world

  5. Snakeskin
    Online journal with a special interest in new poets and poetry.

    Strange short stories added every month by Nevill Strange.

  7. Field of Reeds
    A story based around an electronic method of measuring the human soul. Where is the inventor

    An illustrated hypertext fiction set in an alternative cosmology.

  9. Gale, Al
    Several stories on a variety of topics.

    Griselda is a character in the Gloranthan city of Pavis, created and written about by Oliver Dickinson. The Griselda fiction is fantasy noir.

    Poetry and short stories showing the authors unique and simple view of the modern world .

  12. Fiction on the Web
    A site featuring the short stories of Charles Sundt and other authors.

  13. Farmhouse Fables
    Childrens stories and fables from Farmhouse Fables, short storybooks for children.

  14. Lewis, Rob - Poetic Thoughts
    A collection of poems written by this author from Wales, UK.

  15. The Three Pilgrims
    The first three chapters of a historical fiction novel in progress. Set during the First Crusade.

  16. Bluesoft Shareable Diary
    Can be used individually, or shared between colleagues and friends.

    A couples win the lottery and buys a historic estate in Great Britain. Uncover the many stories that inhabit this virtual home.

    Features speculative fiction, audio drama, experimental poetry, and inter-media.

    A webzine for new and established writers, mainly featuring poetry, but including some creative prose, features and current events poetry.

  20. McGuire, Mary
    Writer of humorous poetry and novels.

  21. Dark Lethe
    A collaborative story environment.

  22. Smith, Stevie - Educating Georgie
    Joint venture, a forum for fiction and creative work in the UK and US.

    Website that publishes writing on the net.

  24. Turner, Neil
    Thoughts and anecdotes from his head.

    Includes extracts from novels, interviews, reviews, science fiction articles, virtual girlfriends and smart drugs.

  26. Abbeydale Writers
    Prose and poetry in many genres produced by group members.

  27. Writers' Circles
    UK Directory which lists over a 1,000 writers' circles by region and each region is divided by postcodes.

  28. Phoenix
    Phoenix is being written and developed with contributions from other amateur sci-fi writers.

  29. New Bridge to Lyndesfarne - Trevor Hopkins
    Set in the magical world of Lyndesfarne, reached by the Old Bridge from modern-day England.

  30. Griselda
    Griselda is a character in the Gloranthan city of Pavis, created and written about by Oliver Dickinson. The Griselda fiction is fantasy noir.

  31. I Love Roses
    Rose-related poems by famous authors. Invites user submissions and contains links to other rose-centered sites.

  32. Sentinel Poetry Magazine
    Monthly e-zine of the international community featuring poems, reviews, interviews, forum and competitions.

  33. Rogue Tory
    Political commentary, computer science, quizzes and other meanderings from a rogue Tory.

  34. Bridge at War
    The second in the New Bridge to Lyndesfarne series of fantasy novels by Trevor Hopkins.

  35. Morgan, Nicola
    Author of the highly unusual novel for teenagers, Mondays are Red, is a literacy expert who has written over 50 home learning workbooks.

  36. Fair, Richard
    Features a selection of this England author's written and audio poems. Also includes news and links.

  37. New Diary of a Nobody
    The unsolicited late night meanderings of an overweight, hairy, 40 something year old.

  38. Sufit, Alisha - Alisha's Secret Gallery
    Surreal drawings of modern art by UK artist and poet.

  39. Dodd, Jo
    Poems, reflections, and personal pictures.

    Large online library of short stories with monthly features and additions. Classics and new writing includes summaries, biographies and analysis. User-friendly layout, fully searchable.

  41. Tackaberry, Reverend Arnold
    Ornithological poems and nature journals.

  42. Griffiths, Ivor
    Gothic free verse, short stories, and political poems by an English author.

  43. North Parade
    Internet novel available both as a complete book and as individual chapters, selectable by the reader.

  44. Elemental Writing
    Site dedicated to publishing new writing. Contains poetry and prose, as well as a children's section.

  45. Gone Away
    Creative writing and short stories on contrasts in culture between America, England and Africa by an Englishman now living in Oklahoma.

  46. Williams, Matt - Poetropical
    Poetry notebook, anthology, news, honored treefrogs unknown poets , and a Whitman collaborative project.

  47. The Home of Poetry
    Posts submitters' poetry for a fee.

  48. Williams, Matt - Poetropical
    Poetry notebook, anthology, news, honored treefrogs unknown poets , and a Whitman collaborative project.

  49. You Had To Be There
    A site for publishing short stories.

  50. Fannish Pursuits
    Short stories, snippets, essays and filks based on Blake's 7 and The Lone Gunmen. Includes articles and writer's resources.