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Solo Exhibitions

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  1. wedding photographer in swansea
    photographer that covers the south wales area for weddings, events and portrait shoots.

  2. Williams, Michael
    Portraits, travel and social scenes in the UK. Includes prints to buy.

  3. Bingham, Richard
    Photo gallery comprising mainly photos of people, both portrait and nudes, primarily in black and white. Also, smaller sections on landscape, sport, and nature.

    Silverlight Photography. Black and white landscape photographs of Scotland.

  5. Kingsnorth, Ian
    Photographs of surfers and beaches in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

  6. Sublime Photography
    Images of the East End of London, portraits, and band photos from the 80s and 90s.

  7. Hill, John
    Fashion, portrait and urban people photography, all colour. Also shows some landscape and architecture photographs.

  8. Goto, John
    A series of digital exhibitions by British artist John Goto, combining sound and images. Many images are digitally created or manipulated.

  9. Wilson, Alan
    Street photography from Scotland, Ireland, and France.

  10. Potter, John
    Landscape photographs portraying the character of Northern Britain.

  11. Flijani, Sonia
    Contemporary portraiture and information on the UK based artist. Some of the photographs are digitally manipulated.

  12. Brain, John
    Includes portraits, location photography, and digital art. Colour, monochrome and infrared photographs.

  13. Ratcliffe, Keith
    Photographs and writing featuring his love for the outdoors. Landscapes shown from the United Kingdom, with discussion of techniques accompanying each image.

  14. Karran, Dan
    Features images of Austria, Germany, Italy, the UK and the Isle of Man, as well as Prague, Budapest, and New York.

  15. Harlow, Pete
    Featuring travel images from Hong Kong, South West England and the USA.

  16. Coats, Alan
    Collection of traditional and digital images, with notes on digital hardware and software.

    Color photographs of Austria, Italy, Monaco, Spain, England, and Turkey.

  18. Crookston, Bill
    Shows primarily photographs from the Western Scottish Isles, and a few aerial views of Scottish villages.

  19. Walton, Richard
    Monochrome photography of Britain, France, Spain, and Crete.

    Pictures of California, western US states, and Europe, including Spain, Britain, Paris, Oslo, and Stockholm.

  21. Mackean
    Features images of landscapes, cityscapes and people from the UK.

  22. Richings, Geoffrey
    Color and white photographs with technical details and tips with each.

  23. MacPherson, John
    A collection of images of wildlife, nature and people, and dramatic light on the Scottish landscape.

  24. Bartlett, Adam
    Pictures, with comments, from travels to the United States and Hawaii, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, the UK, and Canada.

  25. Porrett, Pat and Alan
    Digital images of urban settings by photographers in Northern England.

  26. Malkin, Philip
    Photography collections from California, France, United Kingdom, Iberia, New York, Mexico.

    Fashion, portrait and black and white still life photography.
    Categories: Solo Exhibitions
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  28. Callow, Phil
    Selection of photos from Cameroon, India, Thailand, Venice, and Hong Kong. Flash player required

  29. Lawrance, Dave
    Photography of Northern England landscapes and Tour de France cycle racing.
    Categories: Solo Exhibitions
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  30. Webzell, Bob
    Nature, landscape, people, and wildlife photographs from Africa, and Venice, Italy. Black and white, and color.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  31. Manekshaw, Bob
    Photographs, techniques and advice.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  32. Edmonds, David Robert
    Landscape, nature, and portrait photography, as well as tutorials and links.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  33. Boait, Sarah
    Photos of ancient sites, gardens and landscape scenes in Britain and Ireland.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  34. Duffy, Brian
    A selection of images covering various subjects, including still life, travel, landscapes, animals, and people.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  35. Morozzo, Tim
    Portfolio of portraits, music, rock climbing and travel photography.
    Categories: Solo Exhibitions
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  36. Gregory, David
    Color and black and white pictures of people, places, and things, by a British photographer.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  37. hib mirrors Compare Prices and Info - Kelkoo
    Shop for hib mirrors on Kelkoo UK. Compare a wide range of hib mirrors offers and hib mirrors products from 100s of different UK shops.
    Categories: Exhibit and Display Vendors, Solo Exhibitions
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  38. Richardson, Kevin
    PhotoWales. Images from around the principality, from gardens, landscapes, and historic buildings.
    Categories: Solo Exhibitions
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  39. Lloyd, Robert
    Photographic galleries showing urban and natural subjects. Many semi-abstract photographs with an emphasis on colour and texture, some digitally manipulated.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  40. Attwood, Mike
    Photography of wildlife, mainly birds of prey, and wheelchair athletes.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  41. Smith, Steven
    Travel, animals, cityscape, landcape. Black and white and Colour. Includes pictures of Sydney Opera House at dusk.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  42. Usill, David
    Travel and location imagery with hot air ballooning as a major specialization.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  43. Smid, Thomas
    Photographs of landscapes, birds, flowers, cars, and architectural details from around the United Kingdom.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  44. White, Oliver
    Norwegian landscapes, Alaskan snow and ice, London architecture, Canoe polo, walking and climbing in Scotland.
    Categories: Photographers, Solo Exhibitions
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  45. Venues
    The very best of the best listing of Uk and worldwide venue sites, where you can find info on concert venues, exhibition halls, stadia, conference centres and more.
    Categories: Solo Exhibitions, Theatre
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  46. Exhibition Display Stands, Pop Up Stands, Banner Stands, ...
    For Exhibition displays, Portable and Modular Stands. Replacement graphic panels. Cromalin Proofs, Film Output and Drum Scanning. Large format printing, mounting and laminating. Website design.
    Categories: Exhibit and Display Vendors, Solo Exhibitions
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  47. Fine Art W100 - Central Saint Martins College of Arts and...
    Students encouraged to work in whatever media is appropriate to ideas progress monitored through tutorials, reviews and assessments, supporting independent study through critical feedback from tutorial staff programme of art history and theory seminars provide context for critical discussion in studio and for written work. - This course can be taken as a 3-year full-time BA Hons ,4-year full-time,sandwich BA Hons ,5-year part-time BA Hons

  48. CultureCritic Exhibitions Everything Was Moving - The only UK Arts reviews aggregator. CultureCritic aggregates music, film, art, theatre, opera and dance reviews from the leading critics. CultureCritic uses the Critometer to showcase the most critically acclaimed.
    Categories: Solo Exhibitions
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  49. Jeff Harrison - Wildlife, Nature and Landscape Photography
    Jeff Harrison, a Cambridgeshire-based UK Wildlife, Nature and Landscape Photographer, offers a wide range of prints and photocards for sale including one of the most comprehensive collections of Kingfisher images available anywhere

  50. Map of Press and PR Photographers throughout the UK and I...
    Our photo agency has a vast network of Press, PR and Corporate Editorial photographers throughout the UK. We can be commissioned for single assignments or multiple photography projects. Specialising in Press, Public Relations and Corporate commercial Photography. We can be commissioned for single or multiple photography projects.