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  1. MAXON SHOP - Home Page - CINEMA 4D, C4D, BodyPaint - UK a... uk home page. MAXON Computer is the developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, CINEMA 4D, C4D, BodyPaint. Its award-winning products have been used in the film, television, science, architecture, motion graphics and other industries.

  2. Definition Media - Video production
    Corporate video production We offer a complete range of services including pre-production, filming, animation, HD digital editing and DVD design and authoring.

  3. IMAX Cinema at thefilmworks
    Manchester. Manchester section of the website contains specifications of the IMAX screen and film schedule. Requires flash.

    English filmmakers working on virtually no budget.

  5. Sort Of ... Films
    Versatile and youthful film and video production outfit based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

  6. Foiled Productions
    Makers of low-to-no-budget movies including Foiled, The Jedi who Loved Me, and Sunday Night Zombies.

  7. Brainwave Entertainment
    No-budget, independently produced fantasy sci-fi movies, CG F X, and warped comedy. Solid storytelling and emotional performances are the goal.

  8. Last Refuge Ltd.
    Specialising in films about endangered species and environments. Includes company information, biography of director Adrian Waren, images, sound galleries, news and details of projects.

  9. BFI London IMAX cinema
    London. Contains listings, plus information on the history of the IMAX and 3D formats.

  10. Netribution Film Network
    Information and resources for UK and European filmmakers. News, statistics, funding advice, contacts, interviews, upcoming events, and films.
    Categories: Filmmaking, Regional
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  11. Netribution Michael Winterbottom
    Interview with the director, around the time of the release of The Claim, talking about that film and his next project 24 Hour Party People.

  12. BBC - A Film Legend
    Read the report about the Oscar-winning filmmaker.

  13. BBC News Mike Leigh - Britain's Bergman
    As his latest film, All or Nothing, hits the screens, Newsmaker looks at the topsy-turvy life and times of film director Mike Leigh.

  14. BBC News
    Alan Parker Pioneer of UK cinema - News story about him receiving a knighthood for service to the British film industry.

  15. Amico, Gianni
    Background information, filmography, media, friends, and links.

  16. Glitterbug - a Film By Derek Jarman the Director's Cut VH...
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  17. Jackson Film
    Independent filmmakers presenting short films, picture gallery, and a journal.

  18. Deprivo Deviante Productions
    Background information, photographs and screenplays for past projects, and upcoming projects.

  19. Guardian Unlimited Film
    Photograph of the designer accepting her Academy Award for her work on Moulin Rouge .,00.html

    UK based director and screenwriter for film and TV. Site includes details of projects made and in development, as well as short scripts, resume, samples of work and contact details.

  21. BBC News Spain's enfant terrible
    Lucie Maguire reports on his transistion from cult favourite to respected director, charting his career in the 80s, 90s and his Oscar winning All About My Mother.

  22. Future Movies - Charlie Kaufman
    Interview about his work on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Includes photographs.

  23. So You Wanna Work in Movies
    A real-life guide to working in feature films. Written by Oliver Stapleton, a cinematographer with 28 years experience and 40 features behind him.

  24. BBCi Films The Coen Brothers A Profile
    Sandi Chaitram characterizes the brothers.

  25. Future Legend
    A London based film and theatre production company, specialising in short films.

  26. Gloucester Cine and Video Club
    UK-based organization for amateur film and video makers. Background details, schedule of meetings, media, and links.

  27. The Guardian Claire Denis
    An interview by Jonathan Romney.,338784,00.html

  28. BBC Interactive BBCi Doctor Who - Episode Guide
    Listing offered of the specific episodes for which the designer is credited as costumer.

  29. IndieLondon 300 - Zack Snyder Interview
    The director talks about the challenge of bringing Frank Miller s graphic novel 300 to the screen, the overwhelming success of the film in America and why some of the controversy surrounding the film has taken him by surprise.

  30. British Film Institute BFI Screenonline
    Short profile of the designer and sometimes actor presented.

  31. The top five silent films to shout about Film
    Pamela Hutchinson Intrigued by The Artist but don't know where to start exploring the silent film archives Try these five classics, which lead to plenty more

  32. Warner Brothers Harry Potter Cast and Crew
    Biography and recent work of the designer highlighted as ccredits.

  33. Peter Greenaway
    Examines the cinematic works of the English artist. Includes feature film profiles and information about his shorter works.

  34. The Toybox
    Feature length horror movie from independent British filmmakers, Brandnew Films. Includes trailers, stills and interviews with the cast and crew.

  35. Butterfly Man
    Romantic adventure filmed in Thailand. Summary of plot, cast and crew, credits, photo image gallery and contact details.

  36. BBC - Film Network - FilmMaking
    Watch the best new movies from UK filmmakers. Film Network screens short films, promotes the UK movie industry and provides a social network of filmmaking talent.

  37. RW Films
    Produce documentaries about Iraq, Islamic fundamentalism, and weapons of mass destruction. Overview, contact details, film archive, media, and links.

  38. B la Tarr retires from film-making very, very slowly Film...
    Master of the long take bows out to found a film school. Here's hoping it turns out graduates as singular as him

  39. Film-makers 'betrayed' by developer of historic studios, ...
    One of Britain's best-known film directors, Sir Alan Parker, is among a host of leading lights in the film industry who this weekend say they were misled over a 38m property deal to refurbish historic studios where Alfred Hitchcock cut his teeth.

  40. Is Christopher Nolan the new Stanley Kubrick Film guardia...
    Andrew Pulver The Inception director, Christopher Nolan, has been touted as Kubrick's natural heir. Here are the arguments you decide

  41. Martin Smith Online
    Official website of the award winning film maker and music video director Martin Smith.

  42. Stanley Kubricks' New York Classic photos from the Fortie...
    Before his days as a Hollywood icon he was displaying great skills behind the lens and in 1945, at the age of 17, he became the youngest staff photographer in Look magazine 8217 s history.

  43. Jo Evans
    Makeup artist and hairdresser with a range of experience working in films, television, commercials, fashion editorials, pop promos and light entertainment.

  44. Tony Scott obituary Film The Guardian
    Director of slick television commercials and stylish action films including Top Gun

  45. BBC - Film Network - Features - Case Study Ken Loach
    Ken Loach on his path into filmmaking, on censorship and the UK Film Industry.

  46. Filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos dies in accident Film guardia...
    Greek filmmaker known for his slow and dreamlike style was killed in a road accident while working on his latest movie

  47. Films beginning with C part 1 Film The Guardian
    From Cabaret to The Cremaster Cycle

  48. Greek film-maker Theo Angelopoulos dies after road accide...
    Celebrated director was shooting new film The Other Sea when he was hit by a motorcycle, sustaining serious head injuries

  49. BBC - Film Network - FilmMaking - Guide - Related Links E...
    Watch the best new movies from UK filmmakers. Film Network screens short films, promotes the UK movie industry and provides a social network of filmmaking talent.

  50. BBC News ENTERTAINMENT Robert Altman Maverick film-maker
    Robert Altman, who is famed for his uncompromising, irreverent films, was a pilot before moving into film and earning three Oscar nominations.