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Wars and Conflicts

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  1. THE ISRAEL LOBBY (AIPAC) - A DANGER TO THE WORLD Arena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold Stars
    THE ISRAEL LOBBY (AIPAC) - A DANGER TO THE WORLD The suppressed number ONE blockbuster of Google's 'Movers and Shakers' list.

  2. France And Paris Travel Guide With Tourist Information
    France and Paris travel guide with tourist information, including Paris hotels, eating out at bistros and restaurants in Paris, plus French museums, Chateaux and castles, along with French landmarks and monuments.

  3. Travel Guides To Paris Holidays And Tourist Information O...
    One of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe is France due to its culture, history, rolling countryside, beaches, castles and chateaux like Versailles, but taking a holiday in Paris has become the most popular place in France, with its numerous tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, museums like The Louvre, the French food and the rich history of Paris that attracts millions of visitors every year.

  4. First World War - Christmas Truce
    The diary of Sergeant Brookes of the County of London Regiment Queen's Westminster Rifles for June 1914 to December 1915, covering his service on the Western Front.

  5. Thomas Fredrick Littler - First World War Diaries
    Diaries 1914-1919 , collection of WWI cartoon and photographic postcards, family photographs, and links.

  6. Island Farm POW Camp 198 Special Camp 11
    German POW camp in Bridgend, Wales, Great Britain called Camp 198.

  7. Ypres
    Ypres and the Great War.

  8. War Poetry
    Author's lives and times with explanatory notes, social and historical information, portraits, and maps.

  9. Sittingbourne Remembers
    The story of this small English town's losses during WWI.

  10. Austro-Hungarian Land Forces 1914-1918
    An organisational history of the army of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy 1848-1918.

  11. GRRR..Interior heater blower intermittent Archive - MBClu...
    Archive GRRR..Interior heater blower intermittent Interior

    History of the German POW camp in Bridgend, South Wales, from which the largest number of POWs ever to escape a British run camp escaped in March 1945.

  13. 617 Squadron - The Dambusters
    A history of 617 Bomber Squadron, the reasons behind the formation of this unit, and the people involved from the pilots to the ground crew. Includes information on the plan, aircraft, flight diary and other raids.

  14. 1940 The Secret War at Shingle Street
    What really happened at Shingle Street near Bawdsey, Suffolk. Story about the secret landing of Germans in UK.

  15. Aux Unit News - Auxiliary Units in the UK 1940-44
    Record of the Auxiliary Units 1940 - 44, Britain's secret resistance organisation which was formed to fight behind the lines in the event of a Nazi invasion.

  16. Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive
    Owen's war poetry manuscripts, interviews with war veterans audio files , photographs, letters, video clips of contemporary film material.

    Photos, links and information on the British Expeditionary Forces, Vimy Ridge, Dunkirk and North Africa from the perspective of an Oxfordshire soldier. Also includes a discussion of army cooking and recipes.

  18. The North African Campaign
    Brief information and animated map. BBC - World War 2

    Explores the history, training, operations and aircraft of this elite British regiment.

  20. Register of Essex-realated dead of World War II
    An online registry of British, Commonwealth, Allied and Axis people connected to the English county of Essex and whose death was attributable to World War Two. Also includes notes about Essex County during the war.

  21. Hess The Missing Years
    Complete text of David Irving's illustrated biography of Hess. Compressed PDF .

  22. BBC - The Fall of France Dunkirk
    Brief explanatory text and animate map.

  23. Bomber Command Historical Society
    Remembering the many who served with R.A.F. Offers news, links, squadron information, and unit histories.

  24. The Battle of Britain
    Contains maps, descriptions of phases of the war, reasons for victory, and related links.

  25. HMS.Vengeance, No.1850 and No.812 Sqdns. First Commission
    The history of this World War II aircraft carrier, its crew, squadrons, aircraft and locations on its first commission 1945-1946 .

  26. Vietnam War
    Extensively annotated and cross-linked history of the conflict.

  27. Ralph Stobart Robson Life in the British Royal Navy
    Eye witness account of the sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse by Ralph Stobart Robson, Signalman in the British Royal Navy.

  28. 9th US Air Force, Order of Battle
    Order of Battle of the 9th US Air Force while on its brief stay in England during the Second World War

  29. Sir Muirhead Bone
    Dedicated to the draughtsman, engraver, and first official war artist of Britain.
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  30. Stapleton Tench Eachus - The Great War Diaries
    The diary of Stapleton Eachus of the Royal Engineers, for May to September 1916.

  31. World War
    Features a collection of original battlefield photographs primarily focused on German Axis forces during the war.

  32. Diary of Events on Active Service
    The diary of Lance Corporal Fox of the 53rd Royal Warwick Regiment, Birmingham Battalion, for November 1915 to January 1917, covering his service on the Western Front.

    Overview of the units, men, machines and events of the Battle of Britain.

  34. The British Army in the Great War
    Historical information about the military units, formations, battles, and heroes.

  35. The Little Nurse, by Marjorie Penn
    The personal memoir of a nurse in WWII England, surviving the Blitz and treating the victims of the bombing. Provides a unique view of the war on the 'home front'.

  36. Gaston Eve et les Fran ais Libres
    A tank driver's journey from Africa to Hitler's Berghof with photos.

  37. Wartime Leicestershire, UK
    Maps, photographs and articles about wartime 1039 to 1945 Leicestershire.

  38. World War One Battlefields
    Information on the battlefields of the Western Front. Now and then pictures, information for visitors and what to see.

  39. Fleet Air Arm Archive 1939-1945
    Covers British and Commonwealth naval aviation history, with 1000 pages about Royal Navy squadron units, aircraft, aircraft carriers, museums, research and veteran memorial honour rolls.

  40. Wells War Memorial Site
    Includes names and history of the local men killed in both world wars.

  41. War Diaries
    Stories based on the World War II diaries of Arthur Cope RA Territorial Army .

  42. Rudolf Hess
    Dedicated to historical research into the mystery of the Hess' flight to Great Britain on the 10th May 1941.

  43. The 16th Battalion Durham Light Infantry 1940-46
    The history, roll of honour, gallantry awards, eyewitness memories, photographs and documents, the Battle of Sedjenane, prisoners of war, and resources and links.

  44. The Northallerton Memorials Project
    Project aiming to create a permanent record of the life and death of each of the men whose names are recorded on the War Memorials of Northallerton, and its satellite villages of Romanby and Brompton.

  45. Charles Bertram Spires
    The diary of Bombardier Charles Spires of B Battery 103 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery for February 1917 to June 1918.

    The diary of Private George Culpitt of the 3rd Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers, for 1916 to 1918.

  47. Jim Begent - Memories of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
    The story of Jim Begent of the Royal Naval Division, including his service in Belgium and escape from a POW camp.

  48. The Eastern Front
    Provides a detailed history of the conflict between Germany and Russia from 1941 to 1945.

  49. Channel 4 Scrapheap Challenge 2005 About Scrapheap Lisa
    The Official website of Scrapheap Challenge 2005, the scrap engineering competition from Channel 4
    Categories: Wars and Conflicts, World War II
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    Amateur enthusiast Ian Sanders offers large photographs of fortifications in London, the South-East and North-West of England.