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  1. An Introduction to Corn Snakes
    A gallery of images, including photographs of snakes shedding their skins, feeding and laying eggs. Includes a forum for answering questions.

  2. Praying Mantids
    Information and photographs of mantids, leaf and stick insects, provided by an enthusiast who is interested in exchange of these insects within Europe.

  3. Captain's European Butterfly Guide
    Photographic guide to the butterfly species of Europe.

  4. Badgers on the Web
    Includes links, message board, news, merchandise, research information, and a children's introduction to badgers.

  5. Pygoscelis Breeding Behaviour
    General description about breeding behaviour of Pygoscelis Species

  6. West Cornwall Badger Group
    Part of Brock the Cornwall branch of the National Federation of Badger Groups NFBG

  7. MKLep Butterflies and Moths of Milton Keynes
    Extensive site for Lepidoptera in Milton Keynes, England, with photographs, sightings, and survey results.

  8. Komodo Dragon
    Photographs of Varanus komodensis and other reptiles by Adrian Warren.

    Description of badgers, their lives, births, deaths, family life, living space setts , activities, fun, educational stuff, free for teachers.

  10. Last Refuge Vampire Bats
    Article on blood-sucking Vampire Bats and the making of the film Vampire for BBC by the film producer Adrian Warren. Image gallery of bats and other wildlife.

  11. Our Not So Distant Relative
    Article from Guardian Unlimited about the new hominid species discovered in 2004.,00.html

  12. Catfish, the Basics
    Introduction to Family Siluridae, the catfish, with particular focus on the species Silurus glanis, the European Wels Catfish. Covers distribution, behaviour, sexual differences, and spawning. Includes photos.

  13. 'Hobbit' Joins Human Family Tree
    BBC News reports that the discovery of remains belonging to a tiny species of ancient human has been hailed as one of the most sensational finds of its type in decades.

  14. Wildlife Island Life Darwin s Finches
    Article describing the variations between the populations of finches from different islands in the Galapagos.

  15. Adventures in Mamba Country
    Article with photographs by Adrian Warren on his close encounter with two black mambas while filming in Rwanda.

  16. Barton Beds Gastropods, Scaphopod, Cephalopod
    Photographs of the fossil shells of molluscs from the UK.

  17. Pine Marten
    Information about Martes martes, an endangered species.

  18. The Barn Owl Trust
    The Barn Owl Trust is a national registered charity based in Devon, UK. The Trust is dedicated to conserving the Barn Owl and its environment and providing well researched and accurate information.

  19. Adrian Warren photo library
    Image galleries of Komodo Dragon Varanus komodensis and its habitat.

  20. National Federation of Badger Groups
    The NFBG promotes the conservation, welfare and protection of badgers, their setts and habitats. It represents and supports 80 local voluntary badger groups throughout Britain, provides expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with the police, and other organisations.

  21. The Barn Owl Centre
    Dedicated to advance public education in Owl and Raptor welfare and husbandry in the UK and elsewhere. Has many useful links.

  22. Checkerspot Resources
    Gallery of 6 species of Euphydryas and bibliography.

  23. Paul Mabbott's Insects Page
    Biological recording of Carabidae ground beetles and Coccinellidae ladybirds in London and Essex

  24. BBC Hobbit Was 'Not a Diseased Human'
    A study suggests the famous Indonesian Hobbit skeleton does not belong to a modern human with a brain disease, as some claimed.

  25. Leopard Gecko
    A photographic study of Eublepharis macularius.

  26. Rushcliffe Barn Owls
    The Rushcliffe Barn Owl Project aims to conserve and increase the population of barn owls in Rushcliffe. Original photos and information.

  27. Myrm's Ant Nest
    The basics of myrmecology the study of ants , concentrating on species found in the British Isles.
    Categories: Ants
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  28. Sea Anemones
    Photographs and information on species found round the coasts of Britain.

  29. Feeder Mouse
    A photographic study of Rattus norvegicus.

  30. Lice
    Photographic article on these creatures.

  31. Somerset Moth Group
    The group aims to record and study the moths of this area of the UK and to promote interest in these fascinating creatures.
    Categories: Moths
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  32. Life Cycle of a Butterfly
    Photographic study following the process from mating to the emergence of the butterfly from the pupa.

  33. Immigration of Lepidoptera into the United Kingdom
    Sighting reports and photographs of migrant butterflies and moths.

  34. Hydras
    Photographic study by Jan Parmentier of these organisms, with images of various reproductive structures.

  35. National Federation of Badger Groups
    The NFBG promotes the conservation, welfare and protection of badgers, their setts and habitats. It represents and supports 80 local voluntary badger groups throughout Britain, provides expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with the police, and other organisations.

  36. Hoverflies
    Photographs and identifying features of Eristalis arbustorum, E. intricarius, E. pertinax and E. tenax.

  37. Ground Beetle Recording
    Records and information about ground beetles Carabidae in the London UK area, including an annotated photo gallery.

  38. Screech Owl Sanctuary
    Zoo licensed and open to the public, with species of owls from all over the world. Education programme with guided tours and talks, rehabilitation of sick and injured owls and release of birds back into the wild, breeding and research of world owl species.

  39. A Reproductive Dictatorship The Life and Times of the Afr...
    This species is the mammalian equivalent of a social insect. This article discusses the social structure of these small rodents.

  40. Bumble Bees
    Lists of the species, with biogeographic and distribution information. From the Natural History Museum, UK.

  41. Norfolk Moth Survey
    Dedicated to the recording of the distribution of moths in the county of Norfolk, England. Newsletters and reports.
    Categories: Moths
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  42. Online Insect Identification
    Online insect identification, down to order. Uses a javascript program for Netscape , and a standard 'key' to identify insects

  43. Mountain Gorilla
    Articles and information about the making of the IMAX film Mountain Gorilla. Includes image gallery.

  44. Ostracods
    Information on these ubiquitous organisms including their fossil record, classification, biology and life cycle with a number of images of individual species.

  45. BBC Snow leopard fitted with GPS tag
    For the first time, a team has fitted a snow leopard with a Global Positioning System GPS collar to track the secretive creature's movements.
    Categories: Uncia
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  46. british deer.htm
    About the biology, ecology and history of the six species of deer found wild in the UK roe, red, fallow, sika, muntjac, and Chinese water deer .
    http://www.deer-uk.c...ritish deer.htm

  47. The Bats of Britain
    Photos and species accounts. Includes identification key.

  48. Cornwall Moth Group
    Recording group for moths in Cornwall, England.
    Categories: Moths
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  49. Herts Moth Group
    News, events, and information related to the moths of Hertfordshire, England. Includes photo gallery and newsletters.
    Categories: Moths
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  50. Vampire Bat Skull
    Photographs showing the two big top incisors that are said to be so sharp that a vampire can make an incision without waking a sleeping animal.