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  1. Honest Abe's NLP Emporium
    Dedicated to NLP and NLP-related topics, including Ericksonian hypnosis, and general semantics. Has book reviews, FAQs, glossary, and links.

  2. Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    UK information on NLP, practice groups and training courses.

  3. Ergonomics Society home page
    The Ergonomics Society - the UK organisation for professionals using information about people to design for comfort, efficiency and safety

  4. Savage Girls and Wild Boys
    An introduction to the subject, taken and edited from the book Savage Girls and Wild Boys A History Of Feral Children , by Michael Newton.

  5. Guhen Kitaoka
    Ideas on Eastern spirituality and Western communicational psychology, including thoughts on Vedanta, Zen, meditation, transpersonal psychology, and NLP.

  6. The Northern School of NLP Associated Studies
    Full range of Neuro Linguistic Programming training and development.

  7. Darwin gets a makeover
    Professor Steve Jones has rewritten Darwin's 'Origin of Species', a book that contains ideas which are just as controversial today as they were 140 years ago.

  8. Darwinian Soup
    W.G. Runciman reviews 'The Meme Machine' by Susan Blackmore.

  9. Not an Inkling
    Jerry Coyne reviews 'Genome Autobiography of a Species' by Matt Ridley.

  10. Psychlotron Teaching Resource Bank
    Categorized materials for teachers at the AS and A2 level. Downloadable presentations, activities, and worksheets for the topical areas as well as specific exams.

  11. David Bennett
    Corporate entertainer and handwriting analyst offers information on graphology, famous samples, lectures, and contact details.

  12. Reproductive greontology
    The relationship between aging and the risk of producing offspring with gene-influenced illnesses.,00.html

  13. The Art of Dementia
    BBC World Service interview with neurologist Bruce Miller exploring the relationship between fronto-temporal dementia and the development of new artistic abilities.

  14. The Paranormal the Evidence and its Implications for Cons...
    Article by Jessica Utts and Brian D. Josephson discussing the evidence for paranormal remote viewing.

  15. Human Factors Engineering Solutions
    HFE Solutions conducts research and management of human factors and is a registered ergonomics consultancy specializing in user interface and design.

  16. Team Technology
    Large number of articles about Myers-Briggs and team building. Team Technology is a training consultancy that specialises in team building, leadership development and interpersonal skills training, in which they make extensive use of the MBTI and Jungian typological theory.

  17. Herbert Spencer and Inevitable Progress
    Spencer is so grandiose that it is hard to summarize his ideas, yet he was one of the most influential thinkers in nineteenth-century Britain, and his ideas were an inspiration around the world. His version of evolution was utterly generalised in all the ways Darwin tried to be circumspect. The organic analogies which Spencer developed are the foundation-stones for the widespread idea of functionalism across the biomedical and human sciences, extending to architecture, systems theory, cybernetics and information theory. The essay was reprinted in a collection from the journal G. Marsden, ed., Victorian Values. Longman, 1990.

  18. Psychotherapy and Hypnosis Training Academy
    Training psychotherapists and hypnotherapists at London Regents College. One and two year part time courses. Also offering short courses in emotional freedom techniques. All courses accredited.

  19. META - NLP
    NLP and NHR training and seminars with Dr Richard Bandler. Supplier of a range of NLP products on DVD and CD, which can be bought online.

  20. Register Brain-scans Can Defeat Terrorism, InfoSeek Found...
    Steve Kirsch... reckons that the relevant technology companies could deliver a working system of brain fingerprinting databases and a companion retina scanning system for supposedly anonymous identification reference in something like ninety days' time.

  21. Psychology
    Offers campus-based and on-line teaching, course information and resources.

  22. Ghosts in a Machine
    Overview article from Times Online, discussing Persinger, Blanke, Newberg.

  23. Handwriting - The Inner Secrets Revealed
    Free basic handwriting analysis service. Fee for advanced analyses.

  24. Alister Hardy Trust Religious Experience Research Centre
    Interdisciplinary centre based at the University of Wales. Includes details of current and previous research projects, forthcoming events, and an MA course studying religious and spiritual experiences.

    The Society provides part-time training to post-graduate diploma level MA in Jungian psychology, psychodynamic insight and healing. Special interest in personal development transformation, dream therapy.

  26. Distress Services UK
    Polygraph examiner in Leatherhead, Surrey, UK.

    Aims to train psychoanalysts as well as promote and develop psychoanalysis in the U.K from within a Freudian and Lacanian perspective.

    A psychoanalytic psychotherapy training organisation with a membership of psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and philosophers interested in continental philosophy, feminism, and working with difference towards a better understanding of mental health.

  29. Independent Group of Anayltical Psychologists
    United Kingdom based group of Jungian Analysts or Analytical Psychologists offering psychotherapy, Jungian analysis, and supervision. The group sponsors a low cost Jungian Psychotherapy clinic, public education programme, and training.

  30. BBC - The Mind
    Quizzes and other interactive features supplement articles on topics such as emotions, memory, personality, and the brain.

  31. NRG Learning
    NRG Learning promotes human communication, learning and education. Founder Nina Guilfoyle uses NLP, Image Streaming and Accelerated learning techniques to motivate profound change.

  32. The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research
    The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research - CFAR - was founded in London, England in 1985 with the aim of promoting and developing psychoanalysis from within a Lacanian perspective.

  33. Experimental Psychology Society
    Information for members, online access to journals, and meeting announcements.

  34. Corporate identity revised for bar code specialist News f...
    Datalogic's corporate identity has been completely revised to communicate its current changes a more aggressive image, more futuristic, and more evolutionary to inaugurate a new era

    Provides information on the work of the New Lacanian School in London. Extensive library of clinical and theoretical text plus up-tp-date seminar and training information.

  36. Linda Hencher
    A qualified member of the British Institute of Graphologists. Handwriting analysis, examples, training courses, and contacts.

  37. Jacqui Tew
    Handwriting analyst available for training, consultancy, and events in the UK.

  38. Personality from your handwriting
    Personality from your handriting, see what your jandwriting reveals about you or send as a gift.

  39. MacKay Solutions
    NLP training, time line therapy, communication skills, hypnosis, therapy, and business consultancy.

  40. Metanoia Institute
    Offers humanistically oriented professional counselling and psychotherapy training programmes. Also provides a counselling service.

  41. An evolutionary approach to the analysis, assessment and ...
    These pages describe research on behaviour undertaken by staff at the School of Agriculture.

  42. Centre for Symbolic Modelling and Metaphor Therapy
    Articles and calendar of events for the work of David Grove, Penny Tompkins, and James Lawley.

  43. Silva Method UK
    Offers courses in the UK which are based on the Silva Method. Find out how to unlock more of your brain power, and achieve more, easily.

  44. NLP Training Courses
    Opal UK provides all your NLP training and course requirements including bespoke designed training courses.

    An independent association of academics and other intellectuals interested in the problem of human intelligence and its place in nature.

  46. Hidden Resources NLP Training
    Specializes in helping individuals, teams and organisations become better by using NLP coaching and a wide range of personal, team and organisational development approaches.

  47. BBC - Surveys and Psychology Tests
    A collection of short personality tests.

  48. Why we're all getting brighter
    Dumbing down Don't believe it. Scientists have proved we are smarter now than ever before, largely because we watch TV, surf the net, and spend hours chatting to friends.,00.html

  49. Why so cross
    Thomas Nagel reviews 'Unweaving the Rainbow' by Richard Dawkins and 'The Pattern of Evolution' by Niles Eldredge.

    The Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy UK offers counselling, individual or group therapy through Transactional Analysis TA , training in TA psychotherapy, seminars and workshops on personal growth, and an on-line therapist.