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  1. London Submissive Girls - Submissive Services
    London Submissive Girls, Submissive Services, genuine caning, spanking, corporal punishment and bondage.Submission at its best.

  2. Saver Scene - Money Saving Forum
    Money Saving Forum devoted to help you find the best savings and deals

  3. The Decision to go to War in Iraq - House of Commons For... Arena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold Stars
    Report, together with formal minutes

  4. Travel Guides To Paris Holidays And Tourist Information O...
    One of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe is France due to its culture, history, rolling countryside, beaches, castles and chateaux like Versailles, but taking a holiday in Paris has become the most popular place in France, with its numerous tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, museums like The Louvre, the French food and the rich history of Paris that attracts millions of visitors every year.

  5. Locate USA Jobs - New Quota-Exempt H1B Visa Sponsorship L...
    Do you need a new USA Job with sponsorship Locate all recent USA H1B Visa Sponsors, including quota-exempt non-profit, academic and research employers. Download New H1B Visa Sponsorship Listings at http visa.html

  6. Language Coach - German Lessons
    German Language Coach is a leading London-based skills consultancy offering on-site German lessons. We offer individual, group, and intensive lessons, depending on your requirements. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn German, we can structure a course to suit you.

  7. 1-2-1 Home Tutors. Tutors for Maths, English Science at a...
    English, maths, science, French and German tutors, help at all levels, Liverpool, Cheshire, Manchester

  8. Kite Aerial Photography KAP
    Kite Aerial Photography KAP in the visible, infra-red and ultra-violet parts of the spectrum. The use of kite and pole aerial photography in a non-commercial, community and archaeological context is our primary interest.

  9. Crom Alternative Currency System
    Community currency system with marketplace where you can trade products and services, make mobile transactions. News, forum and information resources.

  10. New - Age UK
    Features photos of the Stonehenge Summer Solstice, Glastonbury Festival 2004, Avebury, and Stonehenge Tunnel news. Sign the guestbook or submit a contact form.

  11. University of Southampton - Department of Geography
    Information about the department for undergraduates and postgraduates. Research themes are Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis Environmental Processes and Change Economy, Culture, Space.

  12. School of Geography and the Environment - University of O...
    School of Geography and the Environment - University of Oxford

  13. Canterbury Cathedral
    An illustrated report by Kevin Blockley and Paul Bennett on the discovery by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust of remains of the Anglo-Saxon cathedral. Plan and reconstruction drawing.

  14. Mystical World Wide Web Stone Circles of England
    M. Turford's text-only guide by county, giving grid references and brief descriptions.

  15. Atlantis Reborn Again
    Archaeological analysis of the controversial theories of Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. BBC Horizon web site.

  16. Natural Language and Information Processing Group
    Includes staff profiles, a list of newsgroups, details of research projects, and an overview of postgraduate opportunities.

  17. BBC Online - The Lost City of Nasca
    Includes a short article, photos, and a transcript from the BBC documentary.

  18. Stonehenge Under Threat
    The plan to build a new road through the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, and the Stonehenge Master Plan. Includes newspaper cuttings, briefings, parliamentary debates, and a large collection of links.

  19. Qual-Software
    E-mail discussion group about CAQDAS Project 1998-today .
    Categories: Tools
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  20. Bradshaw Foundation Stonehenge
    An illustrated overview of this megalithic monument and its topographical and prehistoric context.

  21. Chester A Virtual Stroll Around the Walls
    Steve Howe of the Black and White Picture Place provides a guide around the Roman and medieval city wall. Map, modern and archival images with description and history, including quotations from primary sources.

  22. Gwynedd Archaeological Trust
    An educational charity which advises the public and private sectors, maintains the regional Sites and Monuments Record and undertakes archaeological work. English and Welsh language versions.

  23. Northern Earth
    Archived articles from an Earth Mysteries magazine, dedicated to historical landscapes, folklore and custom, the unexplained, ancient consciousness and spirituality.

  24. Honest Abe's NLP Emporium
    Dedicated to NLP and NLP-related topics, including Ericksonian hypnosis, and general semantics. Has book reviews, FAQs, glossary, and links.

  25. Centre for the Study of African Economies, Oxford Univers...
    Dedicated to providing information to scholars researching economic aspects of African Studies. Features working papers, conference information, events, links to related sites, and contact details.

  26. SOAS University of London
    The School of Oriental and African Studies is the only higher education institution in the UK specialising in the study of Asia and Africa and is now the world's largest institution of its kind.

  27. University of Cambridge Department of Geography
    Details of undergraduate, graduate, and research courses, staff, facilities, and job opportunities.

    Multi disciplinary planning, urban design and landscape practice which aims to provide exciting and imaginative design solutions that take full account of client and end user needs

  29. Living Streets
    A campaign of the Pedestrians' Association. Aiming to make every village, town and city more pedestrian friendly. Manifesto, contacts, and livability survey.

  30. Comunn na G idhlig
    Bilingual site of the main Scottish Gaelic language development agency.

    Details of publications and conferences, and other information such as how to join the MPRG. Also has links to related sites.

  32. Optimnem French Tutorial
    Spatial learning strategies for beginner to intermediate-level French. Includes worksheets, native audio recordings and tutor support.

  33. French Revision
    Online French instruction with interactive lessons and exercises, aimed at students preparing for examinations in the United Kingdom.

  34. Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust
    Provides archaeological advisory service to public and private bodies and maintains the regional Sites and Monuments Record. The Contractual Division provides archaeological services.

  35. St. Albans Archaeology and History
    Archaeologist Chris Saunders provides an interactive tour of medieval St. Albans via clickable map, and chronology of the city once Roman Verulamium and later a rich abbey.

  36. Creswell Crags - Home of the Ice Age Hunter
    Creswell Heritage Trust provides an illustrated guide to this limestone gorge honeycombed with caves which have yielded evidence of life during the last Ice Age. Visitor information.

  37. BBC Education - Languages - French
    Multimedia learning resources with Real Audio, Real Video, and Shockwave.

  38. Lancaster University - Geography Department
    Details of admissions, the faculty, research and degree schemes, as well as a student area which has links to specimen exam questions and staff student committee information.

  39. Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    UK information on NLP, practice groups and training courses.

  40. UK University of Leeds
    Pointers to projects and software tools and information about the researchers.

  41. UK Word-Grammar Interest Group
    A research group which develops and applies the theory of Word Grammar. Site lists members and some relevant publications.

  42. Subterranea Britannica
    A society for those interested in man-made and man-used underground space - from deneholes to dug-outs and from souterrains to subways.

    A photographic guide to some of the stone circles of Britain.

  44. Wikipedia - Sutton Hoo
    Encyclipedia of information about the site legend, excavation, and analysis.

  45. B rd na G idhlig - The Gaelic Development Agency
    A Non-Departmental Public Body NDPB appointed by, and accountable to, Scottish Ministers. B rd na G idhlig Alba will be responsible for the overall direction and management of the National Plan for Gaelic.

  46. University of Birmingham England - Catalan Studies
    Linguistic information and links, call for academic papers, conference announcements, but nothing about the academic program at the university.

  47. UK Edinburgh Language Technology Group
    A research and development group working in the area of natural language engineering. The site contains several software tools free to academic research groups.

  48. Dover Roman Painted House
    Roman archaeological site discovered in 1970 by the Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit. Includes hours of operation, admission fees and directions. Located in Dover, UK.

  49. Cambridge, University of Department of Social Anthropology
    Provides an overview of the Department for prospective and current students. Features links to related sites, as well as contact details. Located in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

  50. Economic Growth Resources
    Helping economic growth and development researchers make the most of the internet. Maintained by Jonathan Temple and hosted by Nuffield College, Oxford.