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  2. Guardian Fox-lovers should stay in their den
    Catherine Bennett. Discusses the whys and wherefores of the support for banning foxhunting.,00.html

  3. BBC News - Hunting with Dogs
    An ongoing Special Report including news, commentary, video, audio, interviews, forum and web resources.
    Categories: News and Media
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  4. icWales Farmers hit back over fox population explosion
    Sheila Coleman, farming editor. Angry farmers last night hit back at WAACS claims that poor flock management is to blame for lamb deaths rather than the explosion of fox numbers due to the banning of foxhunting because of the foot and mouth crisis.

  5. Scoop UK Country Mobilization
    Malcolm Aitken. Interviews with a cross-section of the protesters of the March to highlight rural decline in Britain and defend hunting with hounds. New Zealand.

  6. Newshound
    Weblog of hunting-related news and commentary, especially as they relate to the various Bills in government. In date sequence.
    Categories: News and Media, News and Media, News and Media
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  7. Guardian From landowners to pony clubs
    Snapshot of the many groups who will be marching on Sunday in support of the countryside.,796052,00.html

  8. The Telegraph Calcutta India
    Front page. A child sleeps prior to the Liberty and Livelihood march one of Britains biggest rallies organised by the Countryside Alliance in London on Sunday. India.

  9. Huge rural march grips London
    Around 400,000 campaigners have taken part in a countryside rights march in London in one of Britain's biggest rallies. Video clip. RealPlayer USA.

  10. Horse and Hound Hunting
    Ongoing coverage of the government's Hunting Bill and the reactions to it.
    Categories: News and Media
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  12. Guardian Countryside sounds call to arms
    Paul Harris and Stephen Khan. They are coming from all corners of Britain and all walks of life. From landowners to tenant farmers, shopkeepers to vicars, and huntsmen to retired army officers the countryside is coming to London.,796796,00.html

  13. icWales 'Back-door ban' feared by union
    The Farmers' Union of Wales's land use officer, Rhian Nowell-Phillips, said, Animal welfare organisations are never going to recognise hunting with dogs, applications are going to be automatically opposed, taking out of farmers' hands the ability to control predators.

  14. Guardian Hunt compromise on offer, says minister
    Anne Perkins and Patrick Wintour. Alun Michael claims he doesn't want a bill representing the views of one interest group, but a practical and effective piece of legislation.
    Categories: April
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  15. Guardian Songbirds gain from lost predators
    Paul Brown, environment correspondent. Report on three-year study Where the Birds Sing shows the impact of predators rats, foxes, stoats, weasels, crows and magpies.,743239,00.html
    Categories: June, June
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  16. World Socialist Web Site Countryside Alliance Britain's T...
    Harvey Thompson and Chris Marsden. It is widely believed that Blair and those closest to him are in favour of a form of regulated or licensed hunting and will offer this as a compromise.

  17. Guardian - Peers compromise over hunting bill
    Patrick Wintour, chief political correspondent.,466817,00.html

  18. BBC Here we go again
    Nick Assinder, political correspondent. What Alun Michael really said, and how he managed to satisfy no one and anger everyone.

  19. BBC Ban hunting, MPs urge
    The reactions of all sides to the Queen's Speech the League Against Cruel Sports, the Countryside Alliance and the Middle Way Group.

  20. BBC Pro-hunters warn against ban
    As public support for a ban continues to drop, hunting supporters warn the government that legislation not based on evidence and not seen to be fair or considered to be right would lead to some very serious unrest.

  21. BBC 'Summer of discontent' launched
    The CA's Richard Burge claims that politically, the countryside is tinder-dry from the scale and depth of distrust and anger rural people feel at this moment.

  22. Guardian New attempt to break hunting stalemate
    Michael White, political editor. Senior ministers are still clinging to the hope that a politically messy confrontation can be avoided between the pro- and anti-hunting lobbies as MPs prepare to vote on the issue tonight for the sixth time since 1997.,860823,00.html

  23. BBC Hunting ban may fail
    Nick Assinder.

  24. CNN Hunting vote goes to Lords
    A vote on whether to ban hunting with hounds is heading for the UK's upper chamber, which in the past has opposed outlawing the country sport. The issue regularly reappears in the UK political arena -- each time accompanied by vociferous supporters and opponents of legislation.
    Categories: March
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  25. Observer Foxes stir the soul of a nation Saddam doesn't
    Clive Aslet. After marching in both, the editor of Country Life compares the Countryside Liberty and Livelihood march with the anti-war march.,801072,00.html

  26. Guardian Anti-hunt lobby gangs up on Blair
    Patrick Wintour, chief political correspondent. Analysis of the current situation, its history and the available options, including the Parliament Act.,00.html

  27. BBC Boxing Day hunts reopen bitter debate
    Annette Crosbie, the new president of the League Against Cruel Sports, explains why she backs anti-hunt protesters You have to make that kind of gesture, because simple reason and logic doesn't really get you anywhere, which is what the Countryside Alliance realised rather quickly.

  28. Jo Guest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  29. Guardian Anti-hunting MPs give bill new teeth
    Anne Perkins, political correspondent. The committee stage has ended after making significant changes to the bill, and now Commons is expected to change it to outlaw hunting completely.,904579,00.html

  30. The Guardian Pro-hunt militants target Labour MPs
    David Hencke, Westminster correspondent. Reports of attacks on constituency offices of four Labour MPs in the North of England by members of the Real Countryside Alliance.,759520,00.html
    Categories: July, July
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  31. Guardian Another country
    Leader. There is absolutely no doubt that they are widespread and passionately held feelings, and no government should allow grievances to continue to fester in this way. Mr Blair needs to reflect and respond. He should not pretend that the mood will just go away or be easily mollified. But he needs a strategy. This morning's ICM poll should be enough to concentrate his mind on that.,797609,00.html

  32. Guardian The last chase
    Helen Carter. Coverage of the competitions between greyhounds and hares, and coursing supporters and protestors. Most hares and all protestors emerged unscathed at the end of the day.,902930,00.html

  33. Telegraph A march against bad law
    Leader. It is a conservative case - that long-established traditions should be respected - and a liberal case - that activities of which we may not approve should nevertheless be tolerated. The question here is not, What do you think of hunting but, What do you think of a ban on hunting

  34. BBC - Minister avoids 'hunting' march
    Environment Minister Michael Meacher pulls out of the march when he discovers it supports hunting.

  35. Guardian Ministers could join revolt against rules to all...
    Nicholas Watt, political correspondent. Labour opponents of hunting reacted furiously when Mr Michael indicated that their overwhelming opposition to may count for nothing.,853325,00.html

  36. Guardian Year of the fox
    Leader. The majority should not ride roughshod over the minority. Few things are less attractive than campaigners who are libertarian about everything except liberty.,853238,00.html

  37. BBC News Pro-hunters in Angel rallying call
    A huge banner is draped over the Angel of the North by pro-hunting campaigners representing the Real CA. Photo.

  38. Observer Anger over prince's role in deer cull
    Antony Barnett, public affairs editor. Animal rights activists are angry that for the first time animals culled on Forestry Commission land are being sold directly to supermarkets.,680220,00.html
    Categories: April
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  39. 08 Feb 2008
    08 Feb 2008

  40. BBC Hunting debate attracts angry demo
    The bill was given its second reading by 368 votes to 155, but there was scant support for the proposals from Labour backbenchers who are determined to ignore the principles of utility and cruelty and amend it into a total ban.

  41. eBay Express Stripped Christina Aguilera,2002 by Christin...
    eBay Express Stripped Christina Aguilera,2002 by Christina Aguilera --

  42. Telegraph Pledge of new vote to reverse ban on hunting
    George Jones. At a farmers' market in Bournemouth, Iain Duncan Smith accused Labour of hating the countryside and giving priority to banning hunting when education, the NHS and crime were in crisis.

  43. Guardian Fox hunting bill backed by RSPCA's former chief vet
    Patrick Wintour, chief political correspondent. Bill Swann, writing to a member of the Commons rural affairs select committee I am firmly of the view that the hunting bill provides the means to achieve what we have been campaigning for and bring about the end of the sport of hunting.,869937,00.html

  44. icWales MPs may halt hunting compromise
    Nick Speed political editor. Plaid Cymru, meanwhile, was fuming at Mr Michael's response to its inquiries into whether there would be a separate registrar and tribunal for Wales when the minister answered it would be a national body covering England and Wales. Caernarfon MP Hywel Williams claimed that the response showed a total disregard not only for the National Assembly but for everybody living in Wales.

  45. Guardian Bill would ban fox hunting for sport
    Patrick Wintour. The standing committee of Commons voted that hunts will only be allowed if they are needed to control pests. The members disagreed as to the definition of 'pest'.,876434,00.html

    Categories: News and Media, UK Hunting Bill 2001
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  47. News - Latest breaking UK news - Telegraph
    Latest UK news, breaking news and current news, plus celebrity news and political news from, all the latest breaking stories.

  48. Whitesnake. 2003 Tour News and Reviews
    The Deep Purple Appreciation Society Website. News from the DPAS about the band and its members, both past and present featuring tour dates, reviews, a discography, photos, back-issues of DPAS magazines and a huge online store. Our aim is only to include reliable, confirmed news and stories, avoiding rumour as much as possible

  49. Sunday Times Focus Shooting a hole in the law
    Mark Macaskill. On August 3 the first hunt under the new law set out with eight armed gamekeepers and 30 hounds. 11 foxes were killed as they fled from the cover of woodland, pursued by hounds into the path of waiting guns, as the cull is no longer selective.

  50. Telegraph Ignore marchers' anger at your peril, Mr Blair
    David Harrison, environment correspondent. The government's chief adviser on the countryside, Ewen Cameron of the Countryside Agency, will warn Tony Blair this week that rural frustration will spill into civil disobedience if he ignores concerns raised during the Liberty and Livelihood march in London.