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  1. Anna Adams BBC
    BBC Anna Adams.

  2. The Sun The Best for News, Sport, Showbiz, Celebrities Th...
    Get the latest news and features at The Sun - Showbiz, babes, celebrities, sport and racing, national and international news. Check out the best pictures, videos, virals and podcasts.

  3. NPR Fresh Air - British Journalist and Documentarian Jon ...
    US National Public Radio audio, discussing his research for his book Them Adventures with Extremists .

  4. Johnson, Stanley
    Journalist, author and environmentalist. Profile, articles, books and interests.
    Categories: Journalists
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  5. Flak Magazine Review - Them Adventures With Extremists
    Paul McLeary reviews Jon Ronson's book, which he finds to be a very human look into the lives and motivations of those often dismissed as extremists but who think of themselves as the sane ones.

  6. BBC The Westminster Hour Sunday Supplement
    Listen to Simon Hoggart with his Westminster diary, Hoggart's Week. Live Sundays at 2200, latest programme at other times. RealAudio

  7. IMDb - Alistair Cooke
    Offers his biography, filmography, book biographies and news articles.

  8. Wikipedia - Matthew Parris
    Encyclopaedia entry includes the political journalist's biography and information about books he's written.

  9. University of Leicester Honorary Degrees 2003
    Short profiles of each of the recipients, some with photos.

  10. Wikipedia - Alistair Cooke
    Hyperlinked encyclopaedia article offers his biography and a bibliography of books he's written.

  11. Wikipedia - Simon Hoggart
    Biography and ISBN bibliography of books he's written or edited.

  12. IMDb - David Aaronovitch
    Includes his filmography and notable TV guest appearances.

  13. Wikipedia - Gary Younge
    Hyperlinked encyclopaedia entry includes the journalist's biography and bibliography of works.

  14. George Monbiot
    Archive of his syndicated column about international and British politics and issues, arranged by topic.

  15. University Press of Mississippi No Place Like Home
    Review of Gary Younge's travelog, social commentary, and journey to self-discovery, the story of a black Englishman's trek through Dixie to connect with his racial identity.

  16. Northern Rivers Echo Word on Books - Them Adventures with...
    Jeremy Fenton, reviewer. Journalist-by-day Jon Ronson has linked the dots together to come up with a startling and humorous - and not completely unsympathetic - picture of people who believe the world is controlled by a secret group of elites for their own nefarious purposes.

  17. New York Times Books Beyond the Chunnel
    Review by Geoffrey Wheatcroft of Hugo Young's book, This Blessed Plot Britain and Europe from Churchill to Blair. Includes the first chapter in full.

  18. New Humanist Simon Hoggart
    Provides archives of past columns and email contact information.

  19. New York Times - Hugo Young, Leading British Columnist, D...
    Warren Hoge reviews the life of the columnist, political author and chairman of the Scott Trust.

  20. NPR All Things Considered Simon Hoggart Discusses The Moo...
    Why Tony Blair supports George W. Bush, and why the British public is finding it more difficult to make up its mind. Transcript and audio. RealAudio

  21. Wikipedia - Jon Ronson
    Encyclopaedia entry offers biography and bibliography of books written.

  22. BBC Correspondent Minister of Rage
    For months, The Guardian's Gary Younge followed the rise and rise of the charismatic Minister Louis Farrakhan. His film report examines why the leader of the Nation of Islam is still barred from entering the UK. Includes video of Gary's interview with Vibert White plus full programme transcript and viewers' comments.

  23. Jon Ronson
    Official site of the writer and documentary film maker whose books include Them Adventures with Extremists. Includes video clips, news, projects and links. RealPlayer

  24. Thomas, Owen
    News presenter and reporter for ITV News and the ITV Newschannel.
    Categories: Journalists
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  25. Murray, Janet
    Freelance journalist's specialist areas include education and training, family health and parenting. Includes client list and examples of work.
    Categories: Journalists
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  26. Le Vay, Lulu
    A freelance music lifestyle journalist who has had her work published in The Guardian, Time Out and The Independent as well as Jockey Slut, The Face and i-D.
    Categories: Journalists
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  27. Rawnsley, Andrew
    Archives of the weekly column in The Observer by the political journalist, author of Servants of the People The Inside Story of New Labour.,-41,00.html
    Categories: Journalists
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  28. Nick Hall
    Freelance motoring copywriter and journalist. Provides services from press releases and brochures to interviews and features. Contains a portfolio and details experience.
    Categories: Copywriters, Journalists
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  29. George Monbiot The Guardian
    George Monbiot is the author of the bestselling books The Age of Consent A Manifesto for a New World Order and Captive State The Corporate Takeover of Britain, as well as the investigative travel books

  30. Simon Hoggart's week David Cameron and the gang that can'...
    Once the media decide that this government is comically inept, the perception will be almost impossible to shift, writes Simon Hoggart

  31. Gittings, John
    China specialist and foreign affairs leader-writer at The Guardian 1983-2003. Provides links to his articles including China's welfare and environment, Tibet, Cambodia and Korea.
    Categories: Journalists
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  32. Jon Ronson 'Jon, have you been writing about me ' Life an...
    Jon Ronson It's Tuesday. I receive an ominous-sounding text from my new neighbour, Sam. Sam moved in two months ago, and although I asked him lots of questions about his work, he didn't ask me what I

  33. Freeman, Stuart
    Radio journalist and presenter of the FM4 Morningshow. Biography, work experience and photographs.
    Categories: Journalists
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  34. Aitkenhead, Decca
    Archives of her newspaper columns in The Guardian about British life and issues.
    Categories: Journalists
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  35. Hugo Young memorial service guests Media MediaGuardian
    Very long list.

  36. Who Are We and Should It Matter in the 21st Century by Ga...
    Sarfraz Manzoor considers a world in flux

  37. Bradley, David
    Freelance journalist specialising in biology, chemistry, physics and other sciences. Biography and client list.
    Categories: Journalists
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  38. Alice Griffin
    Freelance writer specialising in travel, book and film reviews and lifestyle articles. See examples and weekly column.
    Categories: Journalists
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  39. Chris Hunt - Editor, Journalist, author
    A freelance editor, journalist and author, written about rock music and football for many years and has been Editor of many leading British magazines.
    Categories: Journalists
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  40. George Monbiot's blog Environment The Guardian
    The Guardian's George Monbiot on green issues

  41. The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson review Will Self Books ...
    Jon Ronson's tour of the psy-professions keeps Will Self enthralled

  42. 121 journalists killed in 2012 Media The Guardian
    Syria conflict one factor behind deadly year for media workers, with death toll up 13 on 2011 figure of 107. By Mark Sweney
    Categories: Journalists
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  43. David McKie The Great Trimalchio or Why titles are best l...
    David McKie F Scott Fitzgerald and co produce great literature, but titles are often best left to publishers

  44. Simon Hoggart's sketch Politics The Guardian
    Our parliamentary sketchwriter offers his take on life in Westminster

  45. Observer review Alistair Cooke's American Journey Culture...
    Alistair Cooke's wartime travelogues, American Journey, offer teasing hints of his later, consummate broadcasting skills, says Robert McCrum.

  46. Taxi for Mr Buckles MPs savage G4S boss over Olympics cha...
    Simon Hoggart He came across as someone who couldn't organise a tea party at Twinings, or a pig-out in a pie shop

  47. Peter Preston The Guardian
    Peter Preston is a columnist for the Guardian and the Observer. He was previously editor of the Guardian for 20 years, from 1975 to 1995, and has written two books, Bess 1999 and The 51st State 1998

  48. Simon Hoggart's week Obama rapped for the euro crisis Fro...
    Simon Hoggart Some blame the US president for stifling growth in the eurozone by keeping the dollar artificially low

  49. Wright, Janet
    London-based freelance journalist with experience in England and Australia, who specialises in writing about health and well-being. Resume and portfolio of her books and articles.
    Categories: Journalists
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  50. Newstweet Index the top 50 media tweeters Media guardian....
    Journalists and news outlets on Twitter ranked according to Portland's 'Newstweet Index' for the third quarter of 2011