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  1. Counselling Anger Management and Stress Management Servic...
    Anger and Stress Management Service, counselling for men and women who have difficulty managing anger and or stress. This service is provided online and face to face.

  2. Professional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Bath - Bathhypn...
    Hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress, stopping smoking, weight loss, emetophobia, social phobia, self confidence, ibs and OCD in Bath, Bristol, keynsham, Frome, Trowbridge, Warminster, Norton Radstock, Bradford on Avon. Wells. Shepton mallett .

  3. Practical Happiness - Emotional Health Consultancy, Thera...
    Emotional health consultancy, therapy and training - help for anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, insomnia, OCD, phobias and other issues.

  4. Somerset Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Yeovi...
    John Burns at Somerset Hypnotherapy in Yeovil brings you safe and empowering ways to live your life to the full. Call 01935 700333 to find out more.

  5. Professional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Kilmarnock - ki...
    Hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress, stopping smoking, weight loss, emetophobia, social phobia, self confidence, ibs and OCD in Kilmarnock, Ayr, Troon, Prestwick, Irvine, Glasgow

    London based hypnotherapist Robert Matthews' illustated site giving you answers to any questions and fears you may have about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Includes special page about quit smoking.

    Offers a series of courses throughout the North of England.

    College offers specialised Lesserian training.

    Practitioner outlines therapies including a 'stop smoking in one hour program'. Based in London N20 and W1.

    Based in Liverpool offering correspondence and hands on hypnotherapy training.

    Practitioner outlines services offered.

  12. Peter Delves Associates
    Freelance training consultant, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Details of services and training sessions.

    Practitioner outlines his approach to hypnotherapy and services offered.

  14. Simon Wayman - East Sussex
    Help for emotional and physical problems. Information on illness and treatment.

  15. London College of Clinical Hypnosis
    Information on courses in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

  16. Henry Marshall - Lincolnshire
    Practitioner explains how hypnotherapy can help with psychological problems.

  17. Oxford Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Tapes
    Hypnotherapist using goal-directed hypnosis to overcome fears and achieve life goals. Includes CDs for purchase, information on hypnosis, applications and contact details.

  18. Cambridge Hypnotherapy
    Practitioner offers help with phobias and other limiting areas in life.

    Learn some of the history of hypnotherapy, and how hynosis can help you.

  20. Quantum Change
    Practitioner Grace Peyton discusses the uses of hypnotherapy for varoius issues and ailments.

  21. M-Power-Me Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis Course
    Self hypnosis course for empowerment and control. Also provides training for business.

  22. Hypnosis On Line in the UK
    Covers all aspects of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, mesmerism, trance and stress management. Edited by Dr. Charles Barr PhD practising in Hertfordshire.

  23. Lasting Change
    Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner describes his practice detailing services offered, location and personal history.

  24. Andrew Hillsdon - West Devon
    Practitioner offers past life therapy.

  25. Success Coach
    Details and discussion about the use of hypnosis for muscle building, female breast enhancements and sports hypnosis.

  26. Richard Croston - Bradford on Avon
    Provides help with general issues and smoking cessation.

  27. Tony McGregor
    Details practitioner appraoch and services offered.

  28. Clinical Hypnotherapy
    Dorset-based Sarah Cuesta-Dawson explains her treatments and approach. Includes a list of conditions that could benefit and the three clinics at which she practices.

  29. Patricia Holden
    Hypnotherapy and Psychoanalysis in Brighton. Help for various issues and emotional problems.

  30. Mark J Riddle - Lincolnshire
    Hypnotherapy for weight loss, stopping smoking and other issues.

  31. Hypnotherapy In Sheffield
    Are you looking for hypnotherapy services in Sheffield, South Yorkshire... If you are you've found the right place. We help 100's of people every year to achieve the changes they desire. What about you too...Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and many other advanced techniques are used at Hypnotherapy In Sheffield so that the service you choose it completely tailored to what you prefer and feel comfortable with. We help smokers to stop and quit for life, we help weight loss, sleep problems, intimacy and relationship difficulties, addictions, phobias and children's issues to mention just a few. We offer completely FREE consultations for YOUR peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our ethical and professional service and don't feel the need to make money out of people's initial queries. If you want a regulated, qualified and trusted central hypnotherapy practice in Sheffield, choose Hypnotherapy In Sheffield. Our sessions are highly competitive in pricing for our qualifications, safety and expertise.

  32. Terrence Watts
    Southend, Essex Information on analytical and suggestion therapy. Case history, scripts, knowledge base, FAQ and biography.

  33. John Gallacher - Bournemouth
    Practitioner specialises in emotional and psychological problems, stress elimination, business and sports motivational psychology.

  34. David Knight - UK Hypnotherapist and Stage Hypnotist
    Details of stage hypnosis training and hypnotherapy.

  35. Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
    Offers training in clinical hypnotherapy. Site provides details of courses available.

  36. Barbara Ford-Hammond
    Alton, Hampshire Description of hypnotherapy services. Features online courses, tapes and phone consultations.

  37. Finding A Hypnotherapist In Your Area
    A free directory for UK hypnotherapy practitioners and hypnotherapy clinics. Find a hypnotherapist here.
    Categories: Hypnotherapy, Practitioners
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  38. Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic
    Clinic provides therapy for many problems including physical pain and is a registered service provider for the NHS and BUPA.

  39. Hypnotherapy Association, The
    Non-profit organization and the independent professional body in Britain representing hypnotherapists in active practice.
    Categories: Associations, Hypnotherapy
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  40. The Robert Shields College
    Information available to download or buy on CD.

  41. Paul McKenna Training
    London Information about neuro-linguistic programming NLP , hypnosis. Courses, articles and products.

  42. Barry Thain
    Richmond, Surrey Details his approach to hypnotherapy, with a particular emphasis and explanation of the importance of neurological complexity. Features pod therapy, FAQs and case studies.

  43. Parklands Hypnotherapy Clinic
    Kettering, Northamptonshire Overview of therapy services and conditions treated. Includes help for children, FAQ, fees and testimonials.

  44. Hypnotism Power
    South Wales Offering appointments, courses, workshops, retreats and talks. Includes history and benefits of hypnosis, FAQs, photo gallery, biography and testimonials.

  45. Just Be Well
    Various UK locations Overview of hypnotherapy and NLP services and practitioners. Biographies, testimonials and online shop.

  46. Stephen Husbands
    Worcester, Birmingham, Malvern and Ledbury Brief introduction to services and conditions treated. Contains FAQ and pricing.

  47. Transformational Hypnosis
    Practitioner outlines how hypnotherapy can help with many problems, from simple issues such as nail biting to deep-rooted problems emanating from childhood.

  48. Stephanie Howarth
    Devon Provides treatment for a variety of conditions. Information on what to expect from a session, prices, testimonials and biography included.

  49. Lynda Hudson
    Beckenham, Kent Clinical hypnotherapy for adults and children. Pre-recorded and personalised CDs, press articles, biography and FAQ.

  50. GPs using complementary and alternative therapies
    We talk about the benefits of using complementary and alternative therapies with Dr Dawn Harper, co-presenter of Channel 4's 'Embarrassing bodies', James Le Fanu, The Daily Telegraph's doctor and author of 'The rise and fall of modern medicine, country GP Dr Louise Selby and Hannah Daws from the Haven Breast Cancer charity.