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  1. Centre for Criminological Research
    An independent unit within the Faculty of Law, incorporating the Probation Studies Unit. Details of research projects, publications, staff, and the Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

  2. Department of Politics and International Relations
    Incorporating Centre for European Politics, Economics and Society CIS, the Centre for International Studies. Staff, research, news and external links.

  3. Latin American Centre
    Pages on Seminars, Staff, the Library, Degrees, and Working Papers.

  4. Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
    Part of the Institute for Chinese Studies. Resources for learning the chinese language, facilities, staff, external links.

  5. Said Business School
    Details of the MBA, MSc, DPhil and undergraduate courses available, and information about the faculty and research.

  6. Department of Chemistry
    Admissions, undergraduate and postgraduate information research guide and external links.

  7. Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies
    Description of the institute facilities, list of staff, and information on academic programmes.

  8. Centre for Linguistics and Philology
    Courses, research, people,news, external links.

  9. Faculty of Classics
    Incorporating the sub-faculties Classical Languages and Literature Ancient History. Admissions information, events, people, research projects.

  10. Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
    News, history of the Dunn School, and information on teaching, research, and seminars.

  11. Rothermere American Institute
    An international centre of excellence dedicated to the interdisciplinary and comparative study of the United States. News, conferences, dignitaries and visiting scholars, publications and research, and academic programs.

  12. Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages
    Staff list, events, library information.

  13. Faculty of English Language and Literature
    Members, research, lectures, events, reading lists.

  14. Faculty of Theology
    News, events, staff contacts, links to related centres.

  15. Phonetics Laboratory
    A component of the Committee for Comparative Philology and General Linguistics. Staff list, resources.

  16. Department of Pharmacology
    Research, staff, teaching, recruitment, safety, external links.

  17. Faculty of Oriental Studies
    Information for current and prospective students. Teaching and research on Japan in the East to Muslim Spain in the West, from late prehistory to the present day.

  18. Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging o...
    Research groups, software, publications, image gallery, external links.

  19. Department of Zoology
    Research, seminars, undergraduate studies, library and contact information.

  20. Humanities Division
    Information about and links to constituent departments.

  21. Oxford Internet Institute
    Research and makes policy recommendations about the effects on society of the Internet.
    Categories: Departments, Education, Research
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  22. Oxford Stroke Prevention Unit
    People, research, clinical work, publications, media, external links.

  23. Department of Clinical Neurology
    Contact details, links to research groups, including Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain Oxford Stroke Prevention Research Unit.

  24. Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
    Contacts, staff, patient information, research, seminars and links.

  25. University Laboratory of Physiology
    Contacts, events, graduate and undergraduate studies, research external links.

  26. Computing Laboratory
    Including the Numerical Analysis Group and the Programming Research Group. Courses, research, publications and software, staff, conferences, lecture and events.

  27. Transport Studies Unit
    Introduction, details of research, annual report, and list of the Unit's publications.
    Categories: Departments, Research
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  28. Institute of Health Sciences
    Introduction to the IHS, news of seminars and courses, job vacancies, and travel directions.

  29. Department of Plant Sciences
    Contacts, teaching, research, forestry and herbarium information.

  30. Centre for Advanced Materials and Composites
    Interdisciplinary research.
    Categories: Departments, Research
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  31. Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
    Searchable index of research, jobs, links, seminars.
    Categories: Departments, Research
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  32. Institute for the Advancement of University Learning
    Pages describing research into teaching and learning, and details of support for University teaching staff.
    Categories: Departments, Research
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  33. Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre
    Based at St. Peter's College. Staff, seminars, lectures, summer programme, publications and external links.
    Categories: Departments, Research
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  34. Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art
    Research, teaching, dating nd analysis services.
    Categories: Departments, Departments, Laboratories
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  35. European Humanities Research Centre
    Research programmes, publishing imprint, journals and events.
    Categories: Departments, Research
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  36. Clinical School
    Links to constituent departments, IT information.

  37. The Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research
    An inter-disciplinary research consortium which investigates pathogen diversity through a combination of experimental and theoretical approaches.
    Categories: Departments, Research
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  38. Centre for Research into Elections and Social Trends
    Based jointly at the Department of Sociology and the National Centre for Social Research formerly SCPR in London. Research, members, questionnaires, publications, reports, election results and external links.
    Categories: Departments, Research
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  39. Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy
    Part of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, which is a constituent part of the Law Faculty at the University of Oxford. Develops research in areas of the law, legal process and legal institutions through interdisciplinary collaboration between lawyers and social scientists.
    Categories: Departments, Departments
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  40. Language Centre
    Language learning services, library and courses.
    Categories: Departments, Departments
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  41. Office of Online and Distance Learning
    Initiative, courses, links, resources and media.
    Categories: Departments, Departments
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  42. Department for Continuing Education
    Courses and enrolment information.
    Categories: Departments, Departments
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