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  1. GameXchange Online
    The absolute BEST place to TRADE-IN and buy video games.

  2. European Toxic Clan - Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
    Welcome to the home of the infamous european toxic clan, psycho urban fraggers that pawn the virtual return to castle wolfenstein enemy territory battlefields.

  3. The Register
    All your base are belong to us

  4. Level 80
    Cheats and hints.

  5. UK Fortress News
    News and discussion site for UK TF players.

  6. UK Extreme UKE
    Contains news, stats, and download area with over 150 maps.

    A center for articles and reviews of maps and mods for Quake III Arena. Also includes tips for the game.

  8. The Polish Foreign Legion
    Counter-Strike clan with members, matches, downloads, and screenshots.

  9. Guardian Unlimited
    All your base...,00.html

  10. Soul Reiver Wolfenstein Clan Home
    Soul Reiver Wolfenstein Clan is a UK clan who play RtCW. We have our own server and play most evenings.

  11. Level 80 - Metal Gear Solid 2
    Various hints and tips.

    News, results, members, files and links.

  13. Doomed
    News, downloads, information and screenshots polls and forum.

  14. Engineering Tips
    Tips and strategies for the engineer class.

  15. CS-Maps
    Database of dozens of maps used in the game Counter-Strike.

  16. UT Tribute to GE Facility
    An Unreal Tournament map based on the popular Facility level from Goldeneye on the N64. Information, screenshots, download, and links.
    Categories: Maps
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  17. Clanfury - Purveyors of Fine Ultra-Violence
    Clan Fury are a UK based group of Quake Players

  18. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell PC PC and Video G...
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  19. Counter-Strike Console Parser
    A CS console parser that allows clients to generate statistics from their 'condump' files.

  20. PDoom
    DOS port, no longer updated. Source and binaries available.

    This site includes news, walkthoughs, forums, and cheats.

  22. House of Fun FuN
    Includes server details, member list, recruitment, screenshots and forums.

  23. Dvorak Card Game
    Printable card game with screenshots from the game. If you control at least three bases, and your opponents control none, you win the Game.

  24. 101st Colonial Marines
    101st UK based marine clan with news, member roster, information, strategies, and forums.

  25. Sent From Hell
    British Counter-Strike clan SFH, with history, members, rules, and matches.

  26. Action and Shooter PC and Video Games
    Online shopping for Action and Shooter from a great selection of PC and Video Games and more at everyday low prices.
    Categories: Shooter
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  27. DOOM 7650
    Port of Doom to a Nokia cellphone

  28. Fade To Black PS PC and Video Games
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  29. Neoprene for Woodland Creatures
    Plays version 1.6 and Condition Zero. Offers a forum, member list and clan news.

  30. The Register
    All your base are belong to us

  31. LTK The Borg Matrix AQ2
    Includes various mods, news, downloads, screenshots and a forum.

  32. Thief Deadly Shadows Xbox PC and Video Games
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  33. DA-UK
    Includes downloads, forums, and news.

  34. Clan 404
    Includes news, columns, and gaming related rap music.

  35. Mart's Dirty Den
    Includes forums, map downloads and server information.

    The website that is home to a variety of maps, including DXMP Towers, and also to the upcoming mod Disclosure.

  37. Absolute Max Payne
    Includes cheats, modifications, walkthroughs, pictures, movies and reviews.
    Categories: Fan Pages, Shooter
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  38. Strontium Dog Unreal Tournament
    News, images and information chronicling the creation of a series of Strontium Dog themed add-ons for Unreal Tournament.

  39. Gradius Home World
    Information about Konami's Gradius, Salamander, and Parodius games including screen shots, box scans, etc.

  40. Level 80 - Quake II
    Passwords for Quake II on the Nintendo 64.

  41. Gaunts Legendary Ghosts
    Offers roster, news, and schedule.

  42. KPAX
    Includes roster, match information, downloads and links.

  43. Thief Deadly Shadows
    Official site with screenshots, downloads, and news about the game.

  44. Level 80
    Includes a cheat code.

  45. X-Bomber
    2D 32-bit scrolling shooter for Windows, based on Japanese Science Fiction TV series Star Fleet. News, screen shots, game background, and discussion forums.
    Categories: Free
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  46. Asylum Industries
    Contains information on the clan, how to join, its servers, and an application form.

  47. Half-Life 2 The Orange Box PS3 PC and Video ...
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    Contains the flash movies, a database with hundreds of pictures, chat, and message boards.

  49. Elite Contract Killers
    Playing America's Army and Counter-Strike Source. Includes server statistics, forum and gallery.

  50. Planetside Rumours
    Satirical look at leaked documents and images.