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  1. GameXchange Online
    The absolute BEST place to TRADE-IN and buy video games.

  2. European Toxic Clan - Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
    Welcome to the home of the infamous european toxic clan, psycho urban fraggers that pawn the virtual return to castle wolfenstein enemy territory battlefields.

  3. Legio Extrarius
    Web site of UK based Lanys T'Vyl guild.

  4. Inflation threatens EverQuest economy
    A loophole in online game EverQuest is in danger of undermining its economy, from BBC News.

  5. Mystical Protectors
    News, guild raid information, roster, charter, message board and links.

  6. BBC News EverQuest battles cheat software
    A battle is being fought between the overseers of the popular online game EverQuest and some of its keenest players.

  7. BBC News Gamers rally for Katrina support
    Sony Online Entertainment urges EverQuest users to pledge their support to those affected by the destructive hurricane Katrina.

  8. Kirth's UO Site
    Website with character information and player notes, as well as Celtic paganism information.

  9. Legio Sanctus
    An Albion guild on the Escalibur server.

  10. Amiga Games Database - First Review
    Reviewer Steven Pearson. A truly engrossing game. date unknown

  11. Level 80 - PC Diablo
    Contains hints and tips for quests.

    Located on Jhelom, Trammel TPH is an adventurers guild for new players and veterans alike. Site contains member listings and event information.

  13. Scribblemoose
    Fan fiction by Scribblemoose, includes an area for story requests.

  14. Level 80
    Includes details on accessing secret Easter eggs and transferring characters.

  15. Games Radar UK
    Reviewed by Donald McLean, 46 100 . Also contains screenshots.

  16. Golden Sun Dark Dawn Nintendo DS Nintendo Ds
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  17. Runescape gameplay guides and tips
    Tips and guides for experienced and inexperienced players.

  18. Daggerfall An Enthusiast's Guide
    Dispelling the myths, bugs and cheats, suggestions for beginning magic users, equipment, and information on provinces, towns, and shops.

  19. Amiga Games Database - Second Review
    Reviewer Dennis Smith. Will catch you as surely as a spider's web catches a fly. date unknown

  20. The Gryphon's Skins
    Custom skins and meshes based on Marvel, DC, Excalibur, independent comics and original works. Also offers tutorial, base skins and effects.

  21. Stout n Sturdy Kinship
    Roleplay guild based on the Laurelin role-playing server. Provides a roster, forum and gallery.

  22. Pocket PC Life Review
    Review with screenshots.

  23. The North Castle
    Includes fan artwork, stories, graphical tours, message boards, and information on the cartoon.

  24. The Dark Defenders
    Defiant server. Includes super group history, costume information, members and a forum.

  25. List of NetHack Spoilers
    Collection of spoilers relevant to 3.4.3 release.

  26. Daedric Translation Aid
    Includes an on-line tool to translate the Daedric characters into Latin characters.

  27. Jexai's Anarchy-Online
    Maps, quests and tradeskill guides including the Shadowlands, Alien Invasion and Lost Eden expansions.

  28. Krolle Medieval Times
    Includes downloads, tutorials, online terrain editor, and forums related to the development of a game developed entirely by teens.
    Categories: Roleplaying
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  29. NetHack vs. ADOM
    Reviewer Erica Myers. ADOM does better on large details, having a more complex plot and a much larger gameworld. date unknown

  30. Angband and Variants for RISC OS
    FAQ, links, information on sound support, and executables for vanilla and several variants.

  31. Nofuture City of Heroes
    Player reference site. Lists missions, story arcs, enemy information and hidden numbers.

  32. Guild Wars Elite Skills Listing
    Capture guide to Guild Wars elite skills.

  33. Best Mac games 2017 - Macworld UK
    Love Mac gaming Here are the 149 best Mac games available in 2017, from strategy and sports sims to RPGs, adventures, shooting games and puzzles, together with reviews and links to buy
    Categories: Roleplaying
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  34. Brotherhood of the Underworld
    Contains guides to the enemies of the Legend of Zelda and Ultima series. Also offers wallpaper, quizzes, polls, fan fiction, humor, and fan art.

    Has Episode I, II, and IV item database, and Episode III card database, guides, and FAQs. Also includes forums.

  36. Bob and Trev Resurrection
    A BBC game in which your weapons are all sort of office-ware. Made for the 2007 7DRL Challenge.
    Categories: 7DRL
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  37. Everquest 2 Limited Edition PC DVD PC and Vi...
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  38. Ali's SLASH'EM Page
    Spoilers, guidebook, Linux compilation instructions, and links to executables and source.

  39. Martin's Dungeon Bash
    Basic implementation. Development notes, buglist, and source.

  40. The Sky The Art of Final Fantasy Boxed Set Y...
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  41. Sacred - Plus PC PC and Video Games
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  42. The Lord of the Rings Online Shadows of Angmar PC DVD Ama...
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  43. PC Dimension Quest Demo Released PC Gaming News - Your Da...
    Check Out PC Homebrew on, The Home of Homebrew, Hacking and Emulation, See The Lowest PC Homebrew Price, See The PC Homebrew Release Date, See PC Homebrew Games List, get comprehensive daily PC Homebrew news, reviews, pictures, videos, and competitions.

  44. Scripts for Pantomimes and Scripts for Plays - read a sam...
    Pantomimes and Plays from Limelight Scripts - read samples of each script for a pantomime or play on line. Includes panto scripts for 'Aladdin', 'Cinderella.
    Categories: Playwriting, Roleplaying, Roleplaying
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  45. Multiplay Forums - Powered by vBulletin
    Discussion forum and home of the Multiplay Community

  46. Dungeon Siege 3 Xbox 360 PC and Video Games
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  47. Blizz - UK's Local Business Directory- Games
    Blizz Business Directory is UK's top Business Search directories. Make your business popular

  48. Dungeon Siege III Limited Edition Xbox 360 P...
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  49. Video Game Addictions from Video Game Addiction Help
    Video games and computer games, especially massive multiplayer online roleplaying games called MMORPGs often allow their players to speak and act very differently to their normal everyday personalities. Sometimes people can lose their real selves in their gaming persona - that's when real lives start to take a turn for the worse, and professional help is needed.

  50. PC Gaming News - Your Daily PC Gaming News Source
    Check Out PC Homebrew on, The Home of Homebrew, Hacking and Emulation, See The Lowest PC Homebrew Price, See The PC Homebrew Release Date, See PC Homebrew Games List, get comprehensive daily PC Homebrew news, reviews, pictures, videos, and competitions.