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  1. The Lollard Society
    A forum for those interested in the study of Lollardy and the religious culture of the later Middle Ages in England.

  2. Lollards
    The name given to the followers of John Wyclif, an heretical body numerous in England in the latter part of the fourteenth and the first half of the fifteenth century. Article from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

  3. The Scalan Trail
    News about restoration of an 18th century Roman Catholic Seminary at Scalan, Glenlivet.

  4. Wikipedia Lollardy
    Historical survey.

  5. Grant of Exemption from Taxation to Glastonbury
    By Edgar, King of the English in 965. From the Medieval Sourcebook.

  6. Concession Of England To The Pope
    John I was involved in a destructive battle with the church, and he was forced into this surrender in 1213 - two years before the Magna Carta. From the Medieval Sourcebook.

  7. England Before the Reformation
    An article from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

  8. N.D. versus O.E Anonymity's moral ambiguity in Elizabetha...
    From Criticism . A study of how the use of anonymity shaped Elizabethan Catholic apologetics.
    Categories: Tudor
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  9. Reorganization of the English Hierarchy
    The restoration of the English hierarchy in 1850 was a milestone for English Catholics after the Penal Times. Article from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

  10. Scottish Catholic Heritage
    Resources and links for various aspects of Catholic history in Scotland.

  11. A Squire's Tale - The Story of Little Crosby
    Synopsis of a video history of Little Crosby, with audio commentaries.

  12. England After 1558
    An article from the Catholic Encyclopedia on the relation of the post Reformation Catholic church to the English state.

  13. Suppression of Monasteries in England
    A Catholic view of the suppression of the Monasteries by Henry VIII.
    Categories: Tudor
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  14. English Catholic History since 1550
    A collaborative effort of Catholic local history societies with various documents on English Catholic History since the Reformation.

  15. Fox's Book of Martyrs
    This book claimed to chronicle the suppression of English Protestants under the Catholic queen Bloody Mary . It profoundly influenced the anti-Catholicism that became a defining mark British national identity.
    Categories: Tudor
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  16. The Question of Dissimulation Among Elizabethan Catholics
    Article by C.M.J.F. Swan in the 1957 Canadian Catholic Historical Association Report. Considers those Catholics who outwardly conformed, either by taking the Oath of Supremacy or by attending the government-mandated Protestant church services.
    Categories: Tudor
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  17. Lingard, John
    English priest and prominent historian. From the Catholic Encyclopedia.

  18. Catholic Emancipation
    An article by Anthony S. Wohl on Victorian Web.

  19. Scottish Medieval Churches Richard Fawcett
    Review of a history of Scottish churches from the 12th century to the Reformation.

  20. The Recusant Group
    A Yahoo discussion group devoted to the study of English Catholic experience during the Penal Times between the Reformation and the Catholic Relief Act.

  21. Catholic Emancipation
    An article by Marjie Bloy on Victorian Web.

  22. Douay-Rheims a Story of Faith
    An article about the Douay-Rheims version of the Bible and its different revisions.
    Categories: Europe
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