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Display and device technology continues to advance. So do we. Behind the simplicity of our products is a powerful combination of optical science and sheer ingenuit...
Display and device technology continues to advance. So do we. Behind the simplicity of our products is a powerful combination of optical science and sheer ingenuit...

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Display and device technology continues to advance. So do we. Behind the simplicity of our products is a powerful combination of optical science and sheer ingenuit...
Display and device technology continues to advance. So do we. Behind the simplicity of our products is a powerful combination of optical science and sheer ingenuit...

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Computer Science

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  1. cerncourier CERN Courier
    CERN Courier latest issue

  2. SDT Ltd - Server and Storage Virtualisation Specialists I...
    SDT provide an extensive range of services, tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual companies. Our clients can take advantage of a single service or the full range, with Microsoft Certified Engineers available to provide and install hardware, software, networks, firewalls, storage solutions or support IT systems and train staff to suit the customer s needs and demands.

  3. Imperial College U. London Distributed Software Engineeri...
    Research focus includes software development process and support for real-time distributed systems.

  4. Systems Research Group
    Includes publications, member profiles, and project details.

  5. Department of Electronics and Computer Science
    Contacts, research groups and admissions.

  6. The Open University
    Computing Department. Teaching and research areas Software technology, software engineering and object-oriented development Interactive multimedia Social aspects of computing Informatics education.

    A multi-disciplinary group conducting research in scientific, engineering and clinical applications using techniques associated with artificial intelligence and numerical modelling.

  8. Centre for Software Reliability
    Research interests Software dependability particularly safety and reliability modelling Software fault tolerance Software metrics and quality assurance Fundamental issues for safety critical systems.

  9. Advanced Interfaces Group
    Department of Computer Science. Research, people, software, publications. The MAVERIK virtual reality system is available under GPL.

  10. Theory and Semantics Group
    Details of the group, whose work is centred around mathematical models of a variety of languages and logics. Includes a list of members, and local resources.

  11. LOPSTR
    International Workshop on Logic-based Program Synthesis and Transformation. Held annually since 1991.

  12. Department of Computer Science
    Research projects Digital media graphics, computer vision, speech Cryptography and information security Languages and architecture Machine learning Mobile and wearable computing Quantum computing System verification. Collaborative research centres Safety Systems Research Centre Advanced Computing Research Centre Creative Technologies Centre.

  13. Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation
    Division of Informatics. Theoretical and empirical study of brain processes and artificial learning systems, drawing on neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science, computational science, mathematics and statistics.

  14. Division of Informatics
    Teaching, research, publications. Links to the various research group servers.

  15. Napier University
    School of Computing. Research areas Distributed systems and mobile agents Evolutionary computation Edinburgh social informatics Human-computer interaction Database and object systems HCI ITC.

  16. University of Warwick
    Department of Computer Science. Courses, seminars and departmental vacancies.

  17. Computing Department
    Contains information on ongoing research projects, academic information, job news, and academic resource links.

  18. Computer Science
    A large site devoted to the possibilities offered for studying Computer Science at the University of Birmingham.

  19. Williams, Christopher K. I.
    Gaussian processes, image interpretation, graphical models, pattern recognition.

  20. Functional Programming Group
    School of Computer Science.

  21. Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour
    Division of Informatics. Linking computational action, perception, representation, transformation and generation processes to real or virtual worlds computer vision, mobile and assembly robotics, music perception and visualisation.

  22. Faculty of Computing Sciences and Engineering
    Departments include Information Systems Computer Science Textile Design and Production Management Science and Statistics Engineering and Technology Computer and Information Sciences.

  23. School of Computer Science
    Research areas Software architecture Theory of computation.

  24. Department of Computing
    Research groups in Information Systems, AI, Distributive and Parallel Systems, and Foundations of Computing.

  25. Department of Computing Science
    Research groups on Dependability, distributed systems, parallelism, theory, and VLSI design.

  26. Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications
    Division of Informatics. Theories of knowledge representation and inference systems for modelling, automating and supporting this activity.

  27. Computer Science
    Groups in theoretical computer science, computer graphics and visualisation, and scientific computation.

  28. Information Retrieval Group
    Giving end-users novel, effective, and efficient access to the world of multi-media information.

  29. University of Wales, Aberystwyth
    Department of Computer Science. Research Groups Computational Biology Model Based Systems Intelligent Robotics Software Engineering Centre for Intelligent Systems.

  30. Centre for Software Reliability
    A research centre within the Department of Computing Science. Focus is achieving improved levels of dependability from computing systems.

  31. Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Dependability...
    Led by the University of Newcastle, UK. Addresses the dependability of computer-based systems. Information about research and job opportunities.

  32. Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science
    Dvision of Informatics. A community of theoretical computer scientists with interests in concurrency, semantics, categories, algebra, types, logic and complexity.

  33. University of Newcastle Distributed Systems Research
    Research focus includes distributed operating systems and distributed system management. Projects include Arjuna and Voltan.

  34. High Performance Computing Centre
    High Performance Computing Centre

  35. Majestic 12
    Distributed Computing Project aimed towards building the largest search engine index on the Internet using Distributed Crawlers.

  36. Bacon, Jean
    University of Cambridge - Distributed systems.

  37. University of York - The Student Room
    Where GCSE, A Level and university students share academic and social knowledge from study help, to choosing a university, careers, and student life

  38. CSL'02
    Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 22--25 September 2002.

  39. Pitts, Andrew
    University of Cambridge - Categorical logic, type theory, semantics of programming languages and logic in computer science.

  40. Blackwell, Alan
    University of Cambridge - Human-computer interaction, visual interaction.

  41. Department of Computer Science
    Part of the School of Computer Science, Cybernetics and Electronic Engineering. Research groups Applied software engineering Computational vision group Parallel emergent and distributed architectures.

  42. BNCOD22 British National Conference on Databases
    Sunderland, UK, 5-7 July 2005.

  43. Department of Computer Science
    Research Groups Computer engineering Theoretical foundations Computer architecture Information systems.

  44. Department of Computer Science
    Students studying Computing at University of Glasgow are taught by Computing Scientists who are at the forefront of research. It is very hard to progress from 2nd year to honours.

  45. Computability and Complexity
    An online course on complexity.

  46. Department of Computing
    Research areas Distributed software engineering High-performance informatics Interactive media Logic and AI Software technology and theory. Also hosts On-line Dictionary of Computing and SunSITE archive.

  47. EPCC
    The Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre provides computing resources to Edinburgh University and industry. Projects, technical support, and publications.

  48. Queen's University, Belfast
    School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Research areas High performance computing Software engineering Image and vision systems Natural language and speech processing Engineering and scientific applications.

  49. University of Stirling
    Computing Science and Mathematics.

  50. University of London, Goldsmiths' College
    Department of Computing. Research areas Databases, Formal methods, Software testing, Software engineering, Algorithms, Cryptography, AI, Graphics and Natural language processing.