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  1. The-Arena
    The Arena Home Page
    Categories: Artificial Intelligence
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  2. Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit - University Colle...
    Research on neural computational theories of perception and action, with an emphasis on learning.

  3. Fiat Hobby 650 FseH Forums
    Motorhome Forums, chat rooms and discussion

  4. Captain Cyborg Lives
    The Register story by Drew Cullen.

  5. Captain Cyborg back on the BBC
    Story in The Register by Kieren McCarthy.

  6. UK Word-Grammar Interest Group
    A research group which develops and applies the theory of Word Grammar. Site lists members and some relevant publications.

  7. UK University of Leeds
    Pointers to projects and software tools and information about the researchers.

  8. Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation
    Division of Informatics. Theoretical and empirical study of brain processes and artificial learning systems, drawing on neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science, computational science, mathematics and statistics.

  9. Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification
    This book is based on the EC ESPRIT project StatLog which compare and evaluated a range of classification techniques, with an assessment of their merits, disadvantages and range of application. This integrated volume provides a concise introduction to each method, and reviews comparative trials in large-scale commercial and industrial problems. It makes accessible to a wide range of workers the complex issue of classification as approached through machine learning, statistics and neural networks, encouraging a cross-fertilization between these discplines.

  10. Support Vector Machine Mailing List
    An unmoderated discussion list about Support Vector Machines methodology.

  11. BBC Clicking for consciousness
    Covers Chris McKinstry, Mindpixel, GAC.

    A technical site, dedicated to upgrading and improving Cybot, includes circuit diagrams and troubleshooting advice.

  13. Williams, Christopher K. I.
    Gaussian processes, image interpretation, graphical models, pattern recognition.

  14. UK Edinburgh Language Technology Group
    A research and development group working in the area of natural language engineering. The site contains several software tools free to academic research groups.

  15. Peter Dayan
    Peter Dayan builds mathematical and computational models of neural processing, with a particular emphasis on representation and learning. The main focus is on reinforcement learning and unsupervised learning, covering the ways that animals come to choose appropriate actions in the face of rewards and punishments, and the ways and goals of the process by which they come to form neural representations of the world. The models are informed and constrained by neurobiological, psychological and ethological data.

  16. UK University of Sheffield NLP Group
    Architectures for NLP, NL Analysis IE and Dialogue , NL Generation and NLP Resources and Tools. The developers of GATE.

  17. Cognitive Science 2001
    To be held August 1-4, 2001 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
    Categories: 2001
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  18. Computational Biology Group - University of Wales
    Techniques include inductive logic programming, model based reasoning, evolutionary computing, neural networks, multivariate statistics. Applications to drig design, protein secondary structure prediction, functional genomics, etc.

  19. Storkey, Amos
    Belief networks, dynamic trees, image models, image processing, probabilistic methods in astronomy, scientific data mining, Gaussian processes and Hopfield neural networks.

  20. Intro to CBR
    Short intro includes information about technical issues, applications, suitability conditions, tools, and related websites and mailing lists.

  21. Roberts, Stephen
    Machine learning and medical data analysis, independent component analysis and information theory.

  22. Morphological and Orthographic Tools for English
    UNIX tools for the analysis and synthesis of text, from Sussex's John Carroll. GZIP downloads, descriptions, related publications.
    Categories: Tools
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  23. Machine Learning Books
    Online shopping for Machine Learning from a great selection of Books Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Computing and Internet and more at everyday low prices.

  24. Andrew J. Davison
    Advanced Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Robotics at the University of Oxford, UK.

  25. The Condensation Algorithm
    A good descriptive page about the condensation algorithm. Contains downloadable source code, results, publications and links to related work.

  26. Monitoring Monthly
    Monitoring Monthly the premier radio enthusiasts magazine from Nice One Publishing

  27. Research in Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University
    Undergraduate, Graduate, and Research Programs offered in many areas of AI and multi-disciplinary combinations, from a program which traces it's roots back to 1963.

  28. SIGPHON Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology
    A subgroup of the Association for Computational Linguistics which supports computer-based research in phonology and morphology. Organizational information, bibliography.

  29. TV 'helps pupils pass exams'
    Watching television could help you pass your exams, say researchers at Reading University. Story in the education section of BBC News.

  30. GATE General Architecture for Text Engineering
    A computer architecture for a broad range of Natural Language Processing tasks, available under the GNU Public License. Abundant documentation, Java class library, web-based demos.
    Categories: Tools
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  31. Agena - Intelligent Solutions using Bayesian Networks
    Agena specialises in providing decision support systems using Bayesian methods.

  32. International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Ap...
    2003, June 23-26, Loughborough, England, UK. Applications of artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems to engineering and industrial problems as well as to other areas. Submission deadline 12 November 2002.

    Information about the group, its people, technologies, publications, events, clients, projects, employment opportunities.

  34. What Robots Can and Can't Be
    Essay by Selmer Bringsjord argues that AI will continue to produce machines with the capacity to pass stronger versions of the Turing Test but that the Person Building Project will inevitably fail. Abstract and chapter summations.

  35. A Philosophical Encounter by Aaron Sloman
    In Proceedings 14th International Joint Conference on AI Montreal, August 1995 'A philosophical encounter An interactive presentation of some of the key philosophical problems in AI and AI problems in philosophy.'

  36. Genetic Programming at University College London
    FAQs, people, software, links, conferences, publications, interactive genetic art and music.

  37. CVonline Compendium of Computer Vision
    Online encyclopedia of computer vision concepts and methods. Complete articles contributed by different authors on various computer vision topics. Also includes links to additional vision resources.

  38. Murray-Smith, Roderick
    Gesture recognition, Gaussian Process priors, control systems, probabilistic intelligent interfaces.

  39. Grasso, Floriana
    University of Liverpool. Computational models of natural argument, affective natural language generation, conflict resolution.

  40. Connexions
    Occasional online journal of theoretical work in contemporary cognitive science. Offers 6 issues since 1996 in PDF format.

  41. Hughes, Nicholas
    Automated Analysis of ECG.

  42. Genetic Programming Bibliography
    A large single file containing an extensive genetic programming bibliography. Lacks a search function.

  43. Guardian Unlimited
    Passnotes number 1709.,360359,00.html

  44. Andrieu, Christophe
    Particle filtering and Monte Carlo Markov Chain methods.

  45. Captain Cyborg back on the BBC
    Story in The Register by Kieren McCarthy.

  46. England, London - Gatsby Machine Learning Journal Club
    Journal club or reading group of the Gatsby computational neuroscience unit, University College, London.

  47. Anthony, Martin
    Computational learning theory, discrete mathematics.

  48. Captain Cyborg promises never to fake an orgasm again
    Story in The Register. By Andrew Thomas.

  49. The SIM AGENT Package
    The Sim agent toolkit was developed within the Cognition and Affect project, at the University of Birmingham. The ftp repository for the project includes papers reporting on theoretical work and preliminary designs.

  50. Summer School on AI Planning PLANETAI
    2002, September 16-22, Halkidiki, Greece.