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  1. Stack Overflow
    Stack Overflow is a programming Q and A site that s free. Free to ask questions, free to answer questions, free to read, free to index, built with plain old HTML, no fake rot13 text on the home page, no scammy google-cloaking tactics, no salespeople, no JavaScript windows dropping down in front of the answer asking for 12.95 to go away. You can register if you want to collect karma and win valuable flair that will appear next to your name, but otherwise, it s just free. And fast. Very, very fast.
    Categories: Programming
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  2. MJS - Computer services to Witney and beyond
    MJS - Computer services to Witney and beyond dynamic database driven web design, server building and installation, networking design installation and expansion, broadband and wifi, system building repair and upgrade, virus recovery .

  3. RTD Training UK Java Courses
    Professional training courses in Java programming J2SE, J2EE and J2ME in the UK and Ireland

  4. Members Profiles, s, Casting Call Pro
    Central UK casting database, acting jobs and audition alerts for casting agents and professional actors.
    Categories: Programmes, Programming
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  5. Numerical Algorithms Group NAG Ltd.
    Develops and provides software to solve complex mathematical problems. Free bimonthly electronic newsletter. Based in Oxford, UK.

    International software reseller providing a range of components, tools and services marketed toward the professional software developer.

    The official UK PIC Basic Compiler web site.
    Categories: BASIC
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  8. TradeWeb Solutions
    Specialises in Internet marketing strategies for small to medium sized businesses. Derby

  9. Helen Batchelor, actor, Casting Call Pro
    Helen Batchelor, actor.
    Categories: Programmes, Programming
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  10. RB-MPW Plug-ins Kit
    This site is for developers who want to use Apple's MPW to compile REALbasic plug-ins.

  11. sbdev
    Several 3D games such as '3D breakout', 'Direct3D Arcade Racing', and 'DirectDraw Breakout' for Windows.

  12. RXP
    A validating parser written in C and available under the GPL.

    Offers Ultimate Bulletin Board converters, administration and moderation add-ons, and modification development tools.

  14. InstantASP
    A Microsoft solutions provider specialising in the development of database-driven, browser-based COM objects.

  15. GBdirect
    JavaScript Training Course for Programmers.

  16. Cgi-Assistant
    A collection of scripts, especially designed for Estate Agents, Car Sellers and Wedding Photographers.

  17. programmershelp PHP Section
    A selection of PHP resources including tutorials, links, scripts and books.

  18. REXX imc
    Open source Rexx interpreter for Linux Unix.

  19. Roger Orr
    Old articles written for a deceased OS 2 User Group magazine Pointers . Several REXX-related.

  20. Robert Geake
    Perl programming and system administration services.

  21. GBdirect Perl Training Courses
    A wide range of Perl training courses, including general programming, advanced programming, system administration and web development. Based in the United Kingdom.

  22. Multiform
    A Form to Mail script that sends the results to any one of a number of people, named in a drop down list on the form. Freeware

  23. Programmers Help
    A categorised collection of simple source code including applications, math, misc, graphics and internet sections.

  24. programmershelp C Section
    A collection of resources for C programmers including tutorials, books, reviews, links.

  25. CRaG Systems
    Training in object oriented analysis and design OOAD using UML.

  26. Lateral Arts
    Java developers based in Forest Hill, with list of clients and products. Also contains showcase for contemporary artists.

  27. Jim Barry's Rexx Tutor
    Base on author training course at Computer Associates Training centre in Slough.

  28. Computing the Distance between Objects
    An implementation of the Gilbert, Johnson, and Keerthi GJK algorithm for tracking the distance between a pair of convex polyhedra. Source available for nonprofit use.

  29. BinaryMoon
    A personal homepage that includes bits of code and games made with the language.

  30. Alvechurch Data
    Specialists in Access, FoxPro, VB, and SQL Server databases. Provides development, maintenance and training. Includes company profile.

  31. GamesCoding UK
    Overview of different languages and libraries for game programming, demo programs, projects tutorials , and news about the industry.
    Categories: Games
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  32. St Andrews
    FP group at St Andrews, Scotland

  33. Mobile Phone user guides and Cell Phone Manuals
    All written in asp script and produced in pdf format. Mobile Phone manuals and cell phone manuals available for all cell phone models including Nokia, Siemens, motorola and Ericsson to name but a few.

  34. Codestone Internet Mail Clients OCX
    Provides SMTP and POP3 clients for sending and receiving messages together with a Message Object Model providing support for MIME message formats.

  35. Simkin
    Simple syntax, embeddable scripting language designed to work with C or Java and XML applications. Used to provide easy, programmable interface for non-programmers. Script can be embedded within XML files. Open source.

  36. PHP-Nuke United Kingdom
    United Kingdom community and support web site.

  37. NAGWare
    Home for NAG's Fortran compiler and tool products.

  38. The Demo Site
    Cut-and-paste example example ASP and JavaScript code. How to set up a username and password-protected site with a Microsoft Access database and ASP.

    Catalogue of books, kits, programmer modules, and software teaching assembly language programming and C and C programming for the PC, and PIC programming and interfacing.

  40. Cross Browser JavaScript Tree Menu
    A simple 2 level tree menu written in JavaScript. Works cross-platform and cross-browser.

  41. C Templates FAQ
    Covers advanced template topics and compiler specific issues.

  42. StarBase Computer Services Ltd.
    Specializes in application testing and monitoring offering a range of services and training including load testing, automated testing, application management and managed testing.

  43. ProgrammersHelp
    Categorised C source code.

  44. The Risks Digest Volume 8 Issue 8
    Bruce Karsh argues that structured programming is a really bad idea that has been holding back progress for years . Not intentionally humorous.

  45. Professional PHP Programming Programmer to programmer Ama...
    text html charset iso-8859-1
    Categories: Tools
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  46. DIVMenu
    Contains 6 simple menu scripts, based around the DIV element. Includes 3rd level menus, frames. Freeware

  47. Natalie Thompson, actor, Casting Call Pro
    Natalie Thompson, actor.
    Categories: Management, Programming
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    FoxPro consultancy, development and training. Database systems. Interface with other Microsoft applications.

  49. WebAmoeba
    Supplies open source solutions for Joomla systems. Namely the WebAmoeba Ticket System, the support component for Joomla and Mambo.

  50. eShopFitters
    osCommerce development, including adding new contributions, search engine optimisation and general bespoke OSC software development.